Cooling Scarf
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Cooling Scarf


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Our Cooling Scarf provides immediate relief from hot flashes, girls!  Great for wearing while exercising, for reducing fever, relieving headaches and minor sunburns too! 
The secret is the specially designed "NON-TOXIC" Cooling Crystals that absorb and hold up to 400 times their weight in cool refreshing water and work in combination with the evaporation process. When worn against head or neck, cooling sensations are passed directly through the body's natural pulse points, safely cooling and stabilizing the body temperature.  It can be reused hundreds of times and our Cooling Scarf won't stain your clothes or give you a rash like the cheap ones can.  And, it is proudly
Made In the USA!

Instructions: Just soak the Cooling Scarf for 10 to 20 minutes in cool water and wear around the neck or forehead for hours of continuous cooling relief! Put it in the refrigerator when you anticipate needing an extra boost of cooling relief!

Comes in 3 colors: off-white, lavender and light blue

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Reviewed by robintbailey
08/08/2011 - 06:40:39 PM
I love this scarf!
This really makes a difference when I am outside in the heat. As my neck warms up the scarf, I simply spin the scarf around so the cooler side of the scarf is next to my neck again! I also wear it when I am on my treadmill, and it keeps me a lot cooler.

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