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Be kind, be thoughtful, but most of all be thankful
Thanksgiving is an inspiring holiday and it gives us at least 5 reasons to be thankful! Besides good food, football and a holiday from work, we love Thanksgiving because it causes us to be reflective on what is important in our lives. Indeed, it adds fresh perspective to our outlook. And so, so we don’t […]
woman buying gift certificate online at hysterectomy store
Question: Our co-worker is having surgery in a few weeks and we wanted to send her a gift. However, we don’t know what she might need! We’ve collected the funds. Do you have gift certificates? Indeed we do!  Our gift certificates make a wonderful present! And so, we’ve made it super easy to give. First, […]
Early cervical cancer, open hysterectomy is safer
A new study found that women with cervical cancer who had a radical hysterectomy with minimally invasive surgery had a significantly higher risk of death than those who had open surgery COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY IRVING MEDICAL CENTER NEW YORK, NY (October 31, 2018)–A new study shows that women with early-stage cervical cancer who underwent minimally invasive […]