Be kind, be thoughtful, but most of all be thankful

5 Reasons to Be Thankful!

Thanksgiving is an inspiring holiday and it gives us at least 5 reasons to be thankful! Besides good food, football and a holiday from work, we love Thanksgiving because it causes us to be reflective on what is important in our lives. Indeed, it adds fresh perspective to our outlook.

And so, so we don’t forget, here are some benefits to being thankful as we celebrate this season:

Thankfulness creates a sense of contentment

We are bombarded with media messages that can cause discontentment. “You need to be thinner” or “you need to look like this celebrity”. Or “Your house should be this big to be successful” or “the best people drive this kind of car”. Instead, thankfulness strips away the things that call to us – and focus us on what we do have. By choosing to be thankful, we can ignore those other messages that cause us to feel we don’t measure up.

Thankfulness feels good

Instead of grumbling along, complaining of what we do not have, thankfulness within our hearts erases the complaints.

Remember the song: “Count your blessings, name them one by one. Count your blessings see what God has done!” Remembering our blessings turns our heart back towards gratitude and it simply feels good.

Thankfulness looks good

Do you like to be around people that complain about what they do not have? Or what they want? Us either!  When we are grateful, others will see us in a positive way and want to be around us.

Thankfulness promotes generosity

When we realize how much we are blessed, we want to bless others when we can.  When we see our own blessings, we tend to open our hands to share our blessings with others!

Thankfulness is contagious

If the icky things in life are contagious – like illness and bad attitudes, the same is true for good things. When we are around thankful people, we tend to be thankful. We can take our smiles of thanksgiving and bless others we come in contact – in a grocery store line, at the hospital, as we drive, among our office workers and in our neighborhoods.

Join us as we choose thankfulness!

Be kind to yourself,
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