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Woman holding post-op panty for her hysterectomy recovery

Post-Op Panty is Perfect for Hysterectomy Recovery

The Post Op Panty will help after hysterectomy by helping you to get back to your normal activities sooner. The post-op panty provides support and compression to help reduce pain and make moving around more comfortable. As your swollen belly has the support it needs, you will feel better faster.

Designed by a surgery nurse, these panties feature medical grade compression to reduce pain, bloating, swelling and tenderness.

The Post Op Panty is available in three styles to meet any stage of your surgery recovery:

  • High Waist Compression only
  • High Waist Compression and silicone Panel for scar management
  • Classic Waist with silicone panel for scar management

Read more about the Post Op panty and how it is perfect for hysterectomy recovery.

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Know When to go to call your doc or go to the ER

It’s important following your hysterectomy to know when you should report back to the hospital ER or call your doctor’s office.

These are the symptoms that should cause you to take action for your health:

If you have:

  • a high, persistent fever,
  • abnormal wound discharge,
  • difficulty breathing,
  • excessive vaginal bleeding,
  • or worsening pain.
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Wear Around Shirt for Comfort

We love the wear-around shirt for its easy comfort during hysterectomy recovery. Its made from 100% cotton making laundry a breeze!

This shirt is long and comes in lots of fun colors!

Questions about the Wear Around Shirt?

Will this fit a “Plus Sized” woman?
It typically fits an 18/20 or about 2XL. According to the manufacturer, it says it fits 3XL but we think you should be aware that it might be snug depending on how you are shaped. It measures about 52 inches around.

What is the length from neckline in back to hem?
The Wear around shirt measures about 36″ – 38″ in length.

Does “One Size” really fit all?
Probably not. We would suggest “one size” fits most. If you are on the small end or the fluffier end of the size spectrum, this shirt may not be for you.

Read more about the Wear Around Shirt and learn why its a customer favorite!

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