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We often receive questions via email sent to the Hysterectomy Store. Here we answer those questions in order to help our customers find the best products for abdominal surgeries such as hysterectomy (including laparoscopic, abdominal, vaginal and robotic), c-section, A & P repairs, vaginal prolapse, tummy tuck and hernia repairs. If you have a question, please contact us through our CONTACT form.

Questions about Mesh Panties?

When would I need to wear mesh panties?

Mesh panties are perfect to wear right after your surgery, when your incision/s are painful, tender and swollen. Mesh panties are lightweight, stretchy and fit easily over your belly and stitches.

Are these mesh panties washable?

Yes. Machine wash on delicate cycle within a laundry bag like our Silky Sac or handwash. Air dry.

Can I use these mesh panties to hold my peri-pads after c-section? After hysterectomy?

Yes. These panties are perfect to hold post-surgery pads in place.

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Woman has idea for new product for Hysterectomy Store

Idea for product for the Hysterectomy Store?

Question: Who do I contact if I know of a product that would be great for women having a hysterectomy?

First of all, thank you for your question! We love to find new products for the Hysterectomy Store and therefore, we always welcome inquiries!

We are always on the look-out  for products in these specific categories:

  • Abdominal, laparoscopic, robotic, vaginal hysterectomy
  • Tummy-tuck
  • C-section
  • Hernia repairs
  • Similar abdominal surgeries
  • Vaginal surgeries including A & P repairs
  • Menopause related products
  • Intimacy issues and challenges
  • Feminine hygiene products
  • Surgery clothing
  • Loungewear and Underwear
  • Inspiring and Encouraging clothing for women

CONTACT us two different ways

If your product matches our area of interest, we invite you to use our CONTACT US form to make it easy! Include your company information, contact details and wholesale pricing. Be sure and include a link to an image of your product or link to your website with the product.

Or, you may send us a sample product to the address below. Don’t forget to include wholesale pricing, contact information, and all details.

Bluebird Sisters Hysterectomy Store
3091 College Park Dr.
Ste 240-61
Conroe, Tx 77384

Finally, we will review your product suggestion. If we don’t reply right away, it may be because we regularly receive products to review – and we ask for your patience! Thank you again for asking! We hope to hear from you soon!

Be kind to yourself,
Bluebird Sisters(tm)
Hysterectomy Store


Will my hospital give me a pocket binder?

Will my hospital give me a pocket binder?

You can get the Pocket Abdominal Binder only from the Hysterectomy Store. 

This question, also, gives us a chance to tell you the history behind this special binder. The Hysterectomy Store (previously named HysterSisters Store) has sold binders almost 20 years. Back in those days we found a product we called the Belly Band – that was a band with a gel inside that was activated with water. Although it was nicely cold for tender bellies, it was also wet! And so, we determined to find a way to give women the benefit of the binder while also adding a cold pack for the benefits of cold (or warm!) against incisions and overall tender, sore tummy without the wet factor.

In developing a prototype, we actually took one of our specially designed binders – and added a pocket – sewing it on Kathy’s (founder of HysterSisters) kitchen table. Wa-la! We ended up having to redesign the shape of the 6″ binder slightly for the pocket binder – because of the added shape of the pocket with the ice pack – and it worked! Then we called the manufacturer and sent the prototype to them. “Yes,” they said. They could produce them. A few trial and errors later, we had the pocket binder in stock – and we named it the Perfect Pocket Abdominal binder – because, well, we think its perfect!

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