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Do you have Pre-Op Tips for Hysterectomy?

Do you have Pre-Op Tips for Hysterectomy to help me plan for my surgery?

Indeed we do!  We’ve collected tips from our customers over the years for Pre-Op Hysterectomy.

Gather what you need ahead

“I made a big envelope folder to keep all my surgery papers. I knew the pre-op instructions and hospital discharge papers would get lost if I didn’t plan a place to keep it all. As bills arrived, I added them to the folder.”

I kept a digital NOTE on my phone to keep track of any questions I had for the doctor and nurses for pre-op. The list even came in handy when I was in the hospital.

I bought several things at the Hysterectomy Store: the Pocket Tummy Pillow and the Perfect Pocket Binder. Both were used throughout my recovery time!

Consider your type of surgery

“The Great Binder Set had everything I needed for my tummy tuck. Even afterwards, the wash bag became my favorite laundry accessory.”

I had to plan for a long recovery period without a shower because of the kind of surgery I was having.  So, I packed the No Rinse products for shampoo, conditioner and body wash. I’m glad I ordered them ahead of time!”

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