Shop at the Hysterectomy Store for all your needs

As you prepare for your hysterectomy, shop at the Hysterectomy Store for your recovery needs. Our best sellers are best sellers for a reason! Since 1999, the Hysterectomy Store carries products that thousands of hysterectomy patients have found to be a help and a comfort for surgery recovery.

Our best sellers will help you recover: Pocket Binder with 2 cold packs provides gentle compression with cold ice relief for your tender belly.

The Tummy Pocket Pillow is the perfect tummy pillow to take with you to the hospital, take with you in the car and to have on the couch or your bed to hold across your belly.

Don’t miss our panties: The Three Style Panty set is everything you need from surgery to post op recovery.

Come browse at the Hysterecctomy Store.

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