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Plan high fiber meals

Its no secret that our digestion tends to slow down following surgery from the anesthesia and the pain medications. This is why its so important to plan meals that are high in fiber and quality content.

If friends are bringing meals, ask them to include high fibers options. If you are preparing freezer meals, include foods that are high in nutrition.


Feel Fresh Without Water

You will feel soooo much better if you just “freshen up” during prolonged bed rest! These thick, disposable towelettes resist tearing and have a subtle clean scent. The best part is they can be warmed in the microwave in just seconds. Feels so relaxing and refreshing. Lifting your mood can be as simple as just feeling clean. These No Rinse Towels are aloe and lanolin enriched. These pre-moistened, odorless bathing wipes allow you to gently bathe your entire body without having to run any water.

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