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Be Encouraging

Whether surgery was your choice or not, sometimes days can be hard. Bluebird Sisters offers a variety of encouraging options for you or your loved one.

TShirts with encouraging messages like ‘Choose Happy’.

Multiple styles of bracelets with ‘be brave’ charms, or even inspirational bangles.

Maybe even send a Thank You note to someone who has been a great help during this time.

Share some love, add a smile, make someone’s day! Be Encouraging!

Be kind to yourself,
Bluebird Sisters(tm)

Are you “in between”?

If you are struggling to get back into your pants, let us introduce you to Waist Bandit.

We know how frustrating it is to have a swollen, bloated belly, and none of your favorite pants or skirts will fit. Don’t go through the added frustration and expense of buying clothing to accommodate your swelly belly.

The Waistband Extender comes in a kit that includes everything you need to adjust the pants already in your closet. You have the option for buttons or hook extender.

Check out the Waist Bandit which extends your pants width easily and simply.

Be kind to yourself,
Bluebird Sisters(tm)

Tip: No Heavy Lifting

It’s recommended not to lift anything over 5-10 pounds for the first two weeks (at least!) after surgery. A good visual of this is a gallon of milk.  The lifting can cause pressure in the abdominal cavity, and that is the area that needs the recovery! This is the time to listen to your body, take it easy, and ask for help.

Depending on the type of surgery, and if there were any complications, the lifting ban could proceed for longer. Please make sure to be cleared by your doctor before doing any strenuous lifting.

Be kind to yourself,
Bluebird Sisters(tm)