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When in doubt – a gift certificate

If you have a friend or family member who is scheduled for a hysterectomy and you don’t know what to do – the answer is a Gift Certificate to the Hysterectomy Store!

We make it simple for you to send a gift certificate to the Hysterectomy Store  and there is no wondering what she needs or what size she wears. She can pick out her binder or her panties or her No-rinse shampoo and order it herself!

Check it out here: Hysterectomy Store Gift Certificate

Isn’t that thoughtful of you?


Best idea – a Gift Certificate because she is having a hysterectomy

A gift certificate is the perfect gift any time – but it’s an especially wonderful gift if you have a friend or a co-worker who is having a hysterectomy.

Your friend can buy what she needs from the Hysterectomy Store and the gift card is delivered to her immediately via email and she can redeem it right away as she shops to prepare for her surgery.

Really? What could be easier?!

You can purchase the gift certificate in any amount to make it easy for you.

Read more about the Gift Certificates to the Hysterectomy Store!

woman buying gift certificate online at hysterectomy store

The Perfect Gift for Co-Worker having Hysterectomy

If you have a co-worker, family member or a friend that is scheduled for hysterectomy – you may not know what she needs. Gift her a gift-certificate from the Hysterectomy Store. She will be able to shop for what she needs and she will thank you for your kindness and thoughtfulness!

She can select from our our panties, our binders, our pocket pillow or from among many other items we carry specifically for the hysterectomy patient.

The gift certificate is sent to her via email – to make it easy for her to shop right away!

Hysterectomy Store Gift Certificate