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Best idea – a Gift Certificate because she is having a hysterectomy

A gift certificate is the perfect gift any time – but it’s an especially wonderful gift if you have a friend or a co-worker who is having a hysterectomy.

Your friend can buy what she needs from the Hysterectomy Store and the gift card is delivered to her immediately via email and she can redeem it right away as she shops to prepare for her surgery.

Really? What could be easier?!

You can purchase the gift certificate in any amount to make it easy for you.

Read more about the Gift Certificates to the Hysterectomy Store!

Husband asking what to buy wife for her hysterectomy

Suggestions on what husband should buy for wife’s hysterectomy?

Question: My wife is scheduled for a hysterectomy in the next few weeks. Do you have suggestions on what I could buy for her?

We love getting this question! The Hysterectomy Store is full of great products that are helpful and soothing for any hysterectomy patient.

First, it might help to know that we’ve packaged some items together into “sets” to keep things easy for buying. One of the sets is the Great Binder Set with both Pocket Binder, an Abdominal Binder, two cold/heat packs and a Silky Sac for laundering the items. Click to see the Great Binder Set.

Secondly, many women enjoy have a tummy pillow for their tender belly. The Hysterectomy Store offers beautiful tummy pillows with a pocket. These arrive with 2 cold packs and are used to soothe and protect a tender, sore hysterectomy tummy. Click to read about the Tummy Pocket Pillow.

And lastly, of course, when in doubt, we offer a Gift Certificate that you can easily purchase and give to your wife for any amount. In fact, once you purchase the gift certificate, we send her an email with instructions on using it in our Hysterectomy Store. A gift certificate allows her to make the choices for her upcoming surgery.

We hope your wife feels better soon!

Be kind to yourself,
Bluebird Sisters(tm)
Hysterectomy Store



woman buying gift certificate online at hysterectomy store

Do you have Gift Certificates in the Hysterectomy Store?

Question: Our co-worker is having surgery in a few weeks and we wanted to send her a gift. However, we don’t know what she might need! We’ve collected the funds. Do you have gift certificates?

Indeed we do!  Our gift certificates make a wonderful present! And so, we’ve made it super easy to give.

First, head to our Gift certificate page and fill out the form on this page: Gift Certificates. Don’t forget to select the amount of the gift certificate in USD and secondly, add it to your shopping cart. Lastly, follow the checkout instructions and your gift certificate will be sent to your co-worker via email for her to shop and select items that will be a help to her surgery recovery.

It’s that easy! Your friend should feel valued by your thoughtful gift!

Be kind to yourself,
Bluebird Sisters(tm)
Hysterectomy Store