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Prepare for your Hysterectomy the Easy Way

We’ve made it easy for you with the Hysterectomy Prep Set.

As you prepare for your surgery, keep things simple by ordering this kit: Pocket Binder for gentle compression, Cool packs for ice relief, Quick Patient Kit including eye mask and ear plugs, mesh panties, the Silky Sac for laundry ease and a free downloadable book – all to help you recover from your hysterectomy.

Read more about the Hysterectomy Prep Set.

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Pull Up Your Big Girl Granny Panties

For gentle, full coverage over your tender swollen belly, do what other women do – buy granny panties for your hysterectomy recovery.

These full-cut Granny Panties are a yummy, soft, stretch cotton to pamper you with the comfort you want right after your surgery. The waist sits right above your naval, and the seat is generously cut to discourage “riding up”, allowing for maximum comfort. Ahhhhhhh! You will be soooooo glad you have these to wear while recuperating.

We have conveniently packaged them in a set of two to save you money! You can have one pair to wear today, and one pair ready for tomorrow! Your soft panties will be either white, or a soft pastel, depending on availability at the time of your order.

Read more about Granny Panties for your hysterectomy recovery.

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Roll to your side to get up without using abs

Getting up and down from your bed may be a challenge. In fact, you might get into bed for a rest and when it’s time to get up, you may be stuck! Maybe you ring a bell to request room service to help you up. This is one idea!

The better option, though, provides you with independence so that you can get up and down whether you are recovering from your hysterectomy alone – or with family nearby.

We suggest getting up by rolling to your side and pushing up carefully with your arms. This takes the pressure off of direct use of your abdominal muscles.

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