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Keep it easy over your incision

Keep it easy over your incision with mesh panties – Hysterectomy Recovery Tip

Your tummy will be swollen and tender. And you will have a few or a lot of stitches over your belly. AND you may need to wear peri-pads for any post-surgery vaginal bleeding. Those first few days – or weeks – will not be easy.

The answer? Mesh panties to the rescue for you!

These panties are light-weight, stretchy and easy to wear after your surgery. They easily pull up without putting any pressure on your tender tummy.

Plus, they hold peri-pads in place as you need them.

As your tummy heals, you will love having mesh panties to keep your recovery on track. Its a big tip for you!



Keep Your Incision Clean and Dry

Keep your incision clean and dry – Hysterectomy Recovery Tip

As you are released from the hospital, you will be given instructions to care for your incision. The main goal: Keep your incision clean and dry. 

Keep the bandage over your incision/stitches until the doctor removes them – possibly at your first post-op appointment. Or your bandage and stitches may be removed before you leave the hospital. But whether a large bandage or a few bandaids, keep them in place.

Once you are ready to take a shower, its possible to take a quick shower with your back to the shower water to wash your hair and wash your body. If your incision gets wet, towel dry with a few pats of the towel. Some customers report that they cover their bandage with kitchen wrap to keep the bandage dry.

A damp bandage or bandaid slows the healing and introduces potential infection to your incision. So we suggest paying attention and keeping your bandaids dry in order to keep your incision dry.

Our customers love our mesh panties to wear under their gown to allow air to flow around the incision area. They are lightweight, stretchy and easy to slide over your tender, swollen tummy.

Of course, if your incision is bleeding, looks angry, is hot to the touch or is extremely painful, call your doctor’s office.


incision care during shower after hysterectomy

Incision care while I shower?

Do you have suggestion on my incision care while I take a shower?

After your hysterectomy, you will be given instructions that likely include information on how to take care of your incision. The main thing is: Keep your incision dry.

Many women wonder how they can do that if they have been given permission to take a shower. We have the answer!

Your shower can be taken in such a way as to protect your incision/s on your belly. Keep your protective bandaid over your incisions and cover with tape and plastic. Then make sure your back is to the water flow, away from your incision area.

Make the shower quick even though you are probably longing to take a long, lingering shower. Wash up quickly and then turn the water off. Dry completely off making sure to remove the plastic covering over your incision. If your bandaid is wet or damp, remove it and replace it after blotting your incision dry.

The key is to keep your incision area dry so that healing can take place. If your incision gets wet and stays wet, infection can be introduced and healing will be prolonged.

Once your incision is healed over, its still important to not allow water stream to hit the fresh healed incision area for a longer period. Allow for longer healing and be careful with your healing wounds.

Helpful products?

We, also, suggest several different products that might be useful.

No Rinse Body Bath – to wash yourself off without a shower.

No Rinse Cleansing Towels – for freshening up without a shower that can be heated in the microwave for warmth.

Shower Spa Set – for a fragrant shower experience when you are allowed to spend longer time in the shower while you wait to be able to take a bath.


Note:  Do not take a bath as this involves immersing your body in water which can introduce infection into your incision/s.