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Mesh panties to protect tummy

When would I need to wear mesh panties?

Mesh panties are perfect to wear right after your surgery, when your incision/s are painful, tender and swollen. Mesh panties are lightweight, stretchy and fit easily over your belly and stitches.

Are these mesh panties washable?

Yes. Machine wash on delicate cycle within a laundry bag like our Silky Sac or handwash. Air dry.

Can I use these mesh panties to hold my peri-pads after c-section? After hysterectomy?

Yes. These panties are perfect to hold post-surgery pads in place.

More questions? Read more about our mesh panties.

Mesh Panties and Peri cool packs at the Hysterectomy Store

Mesh Panties and Peri Cool Packs

Mesh panties and peri-cool packs can help you as you recover from hysterectomy. These mesh panties are some of our customer favorites and they come packaged in a set of two. Because they are perfect to wear post hysterectomy surgery to hold peri pads in place in a comfortable and easy manner, they are some of our best sellers.

You can use them with our peri cool packs  for added cooling and soothing relief.

Because these panties are stretchy and light, they are perfect for your post op tender belly. These mesh panties stretch over any gauze, over your swollen belly and over any bandages set in place by your surgeon.

Besides being useful after hysterectomy for securing pads in place, they can, also, be used for postpartum, vaginal prolapse repairs, a & p repairs and any other surgery that may require a pad for drainage. You can read more about these Mesh Panties.

Hand wash Mesh Panties

These panties are easy to clean. Just hand wash, and air dry!  The Mesh Panties come in a set of two.

Peri Cool Packs

Peri Cool pads are constructed of a soft, absorbent material adding comfort.  Refrigeration not required. These pads are disposable, single use pad.

  • Provides immediate cooling relief to injured area
  • Easy to activate with one squeeze making access quick and convenient
  • Flexible and conforms easily to body contours
  • Safe, therapeutic temperature can be applied directly to skin
  • Comfortable, effective pain relief with absorbent pad
  • Ideal for post-surgery, as used in hospitals

HysterSis2017 says: The best investment ever! I love these panties. I’m one week post-op and they’ve been a fabulous help during recovery. They wash really well too – by hand — and dry very quickly. Every HysterSister should have these!

Lastly, you may wonder how many mesh panties most customers buy. This depends on the kind of surgery they are having. Some women buy 1 set of mesh panties and 4 sets of Peri cool packs. Other women buy up to 2 sets of mesh panties and 2 Peri cool pack. It depends on your post-surgery needs.

Read more about the Peri Cool packs here – Read more about the Mesh Panties here

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