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Great Binder set for help during hysterectomy recovery

Great Binder Set

If you are scheduled for an upcoming surgery and wonder which binder you might need, we have made it easy for you. We’ve combined the two best binders for your hysterectomy – tummy tuck, c-section, hernia repair or other abdominal surgery – including the Silky Sac into a great set to save you money!

Compression after a laparoscopic hysterectomy or open abdominal hysterectomy, myomectomy, appendectomy, hernia surgery, or tummy tuck is helpful to your recovery.

Our binders provide support directly to your tummy and back, allowing you to move with less pain and greater mobility. Compression aides to reduce recovery time. Our abdominal binders provide incision support, help prevent tearing, and make it easier to get out of bed, move and walk.

In this set you will receive:

The Abdominal Binder

You’ll want this binder during your hysterectomy recovery, not only for when you are up and walking around but this is a “must have” for side sleepers, to recline comfortably during recovery. You will love this for the best tummy belly support. We can’t say enough good stuff about this product! This binder is great for both horizontal and vertical incisions, as well as for minimally invasive surgery. It’s tapered design allows for an even better fit.

The Pocket Binder

This pocket abdominal Binder for hysterectomy recovery provides cooling relief and support for your hysterectomy or surgery recovery especially during the first few weeks of surgery. The pocket binder comes with 2 cold/heat packs which provide cooling comfort to your tender belly.

Two Cold/Heat Packs

These handy packs are reusable medical packs. Freeze them or heat them and they stay flexible. Freeze in your kitchen freezer for 1-2 hours before using. Heat in boiling water or in a microwave. Apply to your “Owie” for comfort and healing relief.

Silky Sac – Washing bag

What makes Silky Sac different? Most washer bags have either an open mesh or rough yarns. Instead of ‘protecting’ delicate items, they act like a ‘grate’ and actually cause pilling and can snag loosely woven and knitted items. Wash your binders on delicate cycle and keep them protected inside this laundry sack.

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