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Tummy Tip

While preparing for your recovery, make sure to check out our Pocket Tummy Pillow!

Not only do they come in super fun, vibrant, colorful patterns, they have many uses for recovery.

  • Use it between you and the seat belt for the drive home as well as to follow up appointments.
  • Hold it over your tummy to help ease the pain of coughs and sneezes.
  • Protect your incision from your furry family members, and even younger children.
  • …and more!

Each pillow comes with two cool packs. They can be frozen or warmed to help provide relief for all stages of recovery.

This is a top seller, and a personal favorite of ours! Check out all the fun designs!

Be kind to yourself,
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Hysterectomy Store

Tummy pillow with a pocket comes with 2 cold/heat packs for added comfort

Pocket Tummy Pillow is Perfect

Bring this to the hospital with you and you will discover why this is one of our best-selling items for your surgery recovery.

Why a tummy pillow?

Use the tummy pocket pillow on day one of your surgery supporting your abdomen when you cough or sneeze.  You will place it between you and the seatbelt on your ride home from the hospital. In bed or lounging on the couch, you should use this pillow to support your tummy as you lay on your side. Adding the cold/heat pack to the pillow adds even more comfort to your tender belly.

We think you will love a beautiful tummy pillow as you recover from surgery.

The Tummy Pocket Pillow has a contrasting pocket and is made from a variety of beautiful color choices. And don’t forget, this tummy pocket pillow includes 2 Hot/Cold Packs.

Tummy Pocket Pillow FAQ

How important are pillows to hysterectomy recovery?

Pillows are an important aspect of your hysterectomy recovery. We recommend that you hold a small pillow (like our Pocket Pillow) over your incision as you cough or sneeze which provides support to your tender belly. Additionally, place a small pillow between your tender incision area and the seatbelt on any car ride to make a safer and more comfortable car ride. We suggest leaving a pillow in the car for this purpose. Prevent pets and small children from bumping your incisions as you lounge on the sofa at home.

Why does this pillow have a pocket?

The pocket on the Hysterectomy Pocket Pillow is to hold an ice pack or a heated pack for your comfort against your tender abdominal incision/s. Our Pocket Pillow comes with 2 cold/hot packs. We send you two so you have one to use while the other is in the freezer or being warmed in the microwave.

How do I wash my Pocket Pillow?

Remove inserted pillow from the cover. Wash the cover and the pillow separately in cold water, delicate cycle. Tumble dry low or hang to dry.

You are out of my favorite fabric. Will it be back in stock?

Our fabric choices change regularly based on current availability from our vendor. Once a fabric choice is out of stock, we may not see it again. Order your favorite when you see it – as we have no way of knowing how long it will remain in inventory!
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Hysterectomy Store
Woman asking if hysterectomy store products can be used for c-section and tummy tuck.

Will your products work for C-section? Tummy tuck?

Question: Many of your products might be helpful for other kinds of surgery. I’m scheduled for a C-section and tummy tuck and wonder if your binders and panties could be helpful?

Absolutely! We’ve sold many binders to c-section patients and to patients after tummy tucks and hernia repairs, too. Any abdominal surgery patients would benefit from our binders and panties – specifically women.

Check out our binders

First, the binders we sell are 6” tall, created specially for women as they are darted to contour to your shape, to be snug without it being too tight, providing gentle compression for your tender belly. They come in various sizes based on the measurement around your incision area. (Order carefully!) Read about them here: Abdominal Binder.

Secondly, a different binder designed specifically for abdominal surgeries is the Pocket Binder which has a pocket to hold cool/heat packs that comes with the binder. It, too, provides compression to your tender tummy with the added soothing help of a cold pack. Read more about the Pocket binder.

Take a look at our tummy pillow

And, our Pocket Tummy Pillow is also a great item after c-section or tummy tuck. You’ll need a tummy pillow between you and the seatbelt, and to be your companion in bed and on the couch for gentle compression if you couch, sneeze or laugh. It’s pocket holds a cold/heat pack – we always suggest using the iced/cold pack on new incisions (never heat) to add soothing relief to new incisions.

The Post-op panties are best sellers, too

Don’t miss the benefit of the post op panties. These come in several styles and multiple sizes depending on your surgery and recovery. Read more about those here: Post-op Panty.

And, more products for your needs

Finally, you’ll uncover more items and specifically in the Surgery Aids section of the Hysterectomy Store.

Check out the products, one at a time, and you will discover that most of the products were created not just for hysterectomy but for most women’s abdominal surgeries.

Be kind to yourself,
Bluebird Sisters(tm)
Hysterectomy Store