Thank You

Thank You.

We are located just north of Houston, Texas and experienced a blizzard this week. Something we never thought we would see this far south. Our area battled power outages, no water, busted pipes, and obviously no one was able to work. Bluebird Sisters didn’t have any damage and we are very grateful for that. Even more so we are grateful for our wonderful customers. We emailed to let you know our situation and you were so gracious and understanding. Thank you.

We understand many surgeries are scheduled last minute. We know the urgency of many orders that are placed through us, and for us not to be able to get them out was hard. We were able to catch up yesterday and got all orders placed this last week to the post office. So again, we truly appreciate your patience during this time. We pray each one of you have an uneventful surgery and quick recovery.

Be kind to yourself,
Bluebird Sisters(tm)