The Brilliant Pocket Binder

Years ago – we offered only the abdominal binder and suggested to our customers that they use a cold pack between the binder and their tummy for added cooling relief. It was a no brainer for women that needed compression and some cooling relief.

It was a stroke of genius that we partnered with the manufacturer, asking them to create another binder for us – WITH a pocket just to hold a cold pack (or a warming pack) because we knew it would be easier to manage with those slippery cold packs that liked to slide through and only the floor when moving about.

And so – our Pocket binder is perfect – we think! It comes with 2 cold/hot packs that you can freeze or warm to use as you need.

Take a look!  Pocket Binder for Hysterectomy Recovery.

You will be glad you checked it out!

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