These Soft Bras are perfect for your surgery recovery

We are always on the look-out for the best products to help you with your hysterectomy (or other abdominal surgery) recovery – and this soft bra is no exception!

We love it because there is no hardware or tags to annoy you – only a soft microfiber softness that ┬áprovides gentle support.

They come in white, nude and black AND they are packaged 2 together for extra savings.

The reviews are amazing, too!

I love this bra!

I got so sick of wearing bras that scratched and itched and made me sweat, etc., that I pretty much stopped wearing one prior to my surgery. I was hesitant to buy this one because I thought it would be just like any other sports bra. I really love it, though. It is soooo soft, but also really supportive. The band is stretchy enough that it doesn’t rub against your skin or make you feel like your wearing a big piece of elastic, but it’s also strong enough to feel supportive. Two of these for the price is a good buy.
Read more about the Soft Bra here.
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