Pocket Pillow- Hysterectomy Recovery


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Pocket Pillow - Hysterectomy Recovery pillow WITH 2 HOT AND COLD PACKS

The HysterSisters Tummy POCKET PILLOW - for hysterectomy recovery - comes with hot and cold gel packs and is perfect at every stage of your recovery.

This hysterectomy recovery tummy pillow features a pocket made from contrasting fabric to hold a hot/cold gel pack for soothing heat or a cooling therapy to help swelling near your incision.

This pillow can be used from the first day, supporting your abdomen when you cough or sneeze. Place it between you and the seatbelt on your ride home from the hospital. In bed or lounging on the couch, use this pillow to support your tummy as you lay on your side. Your tummy may feel sore but this colorful pillow should comfort you.

This Pocket Pillow is handmade with loads of love and a "HysterSisters" label, the Tummy Pocket Pillow has a contrasting pocket and is made from a variety of beautiful color choices. Includes 2 Hot/Cold Packs.

And now you can add one of our HysterSisters Totebag for just $14.99! That saves you $5 - a 25% savings, and it's a great way to carry around your pillow and other things you need. A $19.99 value for $14.99 when you order it with your Pocket Pillow.


READ about Pillows needed during your hysterectomy recovery.

Pillow: 100% polyester fiberfill. Cover: 100% cotton is approximately 13" x 13". The cover is handmade and may vary slightly in exact sizes.

Care: Remove cover from pillow. Wash separately.

Cold water wash. Tumble dry low.

P.S. If you see a color you like, order it now! Our fabric changes regularly based on availability. Once a color is gone, its not guaranteed to be back in stock.

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by KDSunshine
08/30/2016 - 03:43:09 AM
Love it!
I used it for the car ride home at first. Sits perfectly over my incision making the seat belt more comfortable.
Now it stays in bed next to me, filled with my "stuff"
I adore the pockets!
Great investment for hysterectomy
Reviewed by Choctawgrandma
Choctawgrandma bought "Pocket Pillow- Hysterectomy Recovery" on our website
07/21/2016 - 09:55:33 AM
Pillow w/ thermal packs
I am scheduled for my hysterectomy in August 2016 but decided to order my pillow and ice packs ahead of time so my ride from hospital could be easier on the tummy and seat belt across my shoulder. Good thing I ordered it early because my son sprang his knee muscle from jumping off the stairs. He immediately needed ice on the torn muscle and this pillow worked like a charm. He was able to elevate his knee in the bed while icing his muscle and especially at nite when the pain was achy. So glad I had my life saving pillow and cold pack. It saved him from getting a veggie pack from the frig to relieve the pain.I would recommend this pillow with hot/cold compacts.
Reviewed by planetjanet
planetjanet bought "Pocket Pillow- Hysterectomy Recovery" on our website
06/22/2016 - 03:18:14 PM
Best Purchase!
I have used this pillow more than anything else following my hysterectomy. The fabrics are pretty and vibrant-cheery even! It's the perfect size to take on car rides or even to sit on when you are ready to get out of the house. I love that it comes with 2 of the freezable ice packs. I use the pillow when sleeping since I am a side sleeper and it stays put through the night. The cover slips off so you can wash it. I will continue to use this pillow as I recover and after. You will not regret buying this pillow!
Reviewed by Tz1024
Tz1024 bought "Pocket Pillow- Hysterectomy Recovery" on our website
06/19/2016 - 09:36:18 PM
This is a MUST have!
I swear this is the best investment I made through this entire process. I used it immediately after surgery. This pillow was wonderful for the ride home from the hospital! Im using it while Im recovering both with & without the ice pack. Thank you for offering this--I wish more people knew about this because this would have helped so much even after my gall bladder surgery. My husband is having bariatric surgery in a month and I will be passing it along to him to use. Its amazing
Reviewed by Magicalelf73
09/15/2015 - 12:13:59 PM
So helpful!
I used this as soon as I was leaving the hospital, and am still using it to drive now that I'm in the recovery stages. The pocket thermal-packs are super useful as well, enabled me to free up my heating pad for use on my back, while still keeping my tummy warm.

This pillow is great for seatbelts and anytime I got up to move around post-surgery; kept a lot of the extra pain I could have had at bay. Would not go through another surgery without it!
Reviewed by ForteVoce
05/28/2015 - 08:34:06 AM
The Tummy Pillow is well-built and very helpful. I used it while in the car (protecting the belly from the seatbelt and chafing) as well as when I needed to use the ice pack. It's lightweight so not a burden to have on the bed with the other pillows and pretty to look at (I picked the Vintage Aqua & Red). It was a great purchase for me.

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