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Quick Patient Recovery Kit


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This sleep mask has a contoured design allowing complete freedom to open and shut the eyes, while keeping you comfortable inside a curtain of darkness.

The hospital can be a noisy, well-lit space - a challenging place to get some rest after surgery like hysterectomy, tummy tuck, c-section or other abdominal surgery. This kit contains a contoured sleep mask, 2 pairs of ear plugs (1 ultra fit and 1 slim fit) and a travel pouch. This kit is perfect for the recovering surgery patient.

  • Great for daytime or nightime sleep and rest
  • Made of silky smooth bra-like material
  • So light and slim, you'll hardly know you're wearing it
  • Adjustable straps accommodate heads of all sizes
  • Contoured design helps prevent smudging of eye make-up
  • Washable and Reusable
  • Comes with a pair of Ultra and Slim fit soft foam earplugs and a travel pouch!

Great addition for a hospital stay, or even while resting at home.

Quick Patient Recovery Kit FAQ

Is the sleep mask adjustable?

Yes. The dual elastic straps on the sleep mask have adjustable tensioners that allow the user to achieve the optimal performance and comfort level.

What are the sleep masks made of?

The sleep masks are made of a silky smooth, non-irritating, satin-like material. The material is black in color.

Will the sleep mask block out all of the light?

Yes. If adjusted and worn according to the directions, the sleep mask will (for most people) stop the transmission of all light.

Is the sleep mask washable?

Gently hand wash with mild soap and water. Air dry.

What are the foam earplugs made of and do they contain latex?

The earplugs are made of urethane foam. The “latex” in our foam earplugs is not natural latex, it is a synthetic latex technically called an emulsion polymer. It has the same properties as latex (water based, adhesive, etc.) but does not have the enzyme problem associated with natural latex.

If, in the extremely rare instance you should experience any type of rash or skin irritation while using this product, please discontinue use immediately. Consult your doctor or go to your local medical emergency room if you believe you require immediate medical attention.

Can the earplugs be cleaned?

No. If these earplugs become soiled, they should be disposed of. 

Are there any application tips to help me get a proper seal with the earplugs?

First try re-inserting the earplugs after carefully re-reading the directions. Be sure to insert the plug while pulling (with the opposite hand) up and back on the outer ear to straighten the ear canal. If you are still unsuccessful with a plug that has now warmed to body temperature, try another “cooler” plug. A plug that is cooler in temperature will retain its compressed shape and rigidity slightly longer, sometimes making it easier to insert. A sign that the earplug is sealing properly is that your own voice will sound more internal and exaggerated.

Besides reducing noise, can these earplugs be used to seal out water?

No. These earplugs were specifically designed to provide superior protection against noise. For water protection, we recommend that you try one of Mack’s® moldable silicone or pre-molded flanged earplug products.

My ears canals seem normal size to me, but earplugs are often uncomfortable in my ears if I wear them for an extended period of time. Will Mack’s® Slim FitTM Soft Foam Earplugs be more comfortable for my ears?

Ear sensitivity varies greatly from one person to another, and even from one ear to another, on the same person.  Any pre-molded earplug that works by exerting a bit of pressure back on the ear canal to seal it properly may, over an extended period of time, begin to cause some discomfort to the wearer.  People with smaller ear canals experience this discomfort more often as “normal” sized earplugs don’t fit as well into their canals.  If you have smaller ear canals and/or sensitive ear canals, a smaller diameter earplug like Mack’s® Slim FitTM Soft Foam Earplugs lessen this pressure and thus increase the comfort level.

How does the size differ between Mack’s® Slim FitTM Soft Foam Earplugs and more standard-sized foam earplugs?

Mack’s® Slim FitTM Soft Foam Earplugs are similar in length to most foam earplugs, but they are slightly smaller in diameter.

Quick Patient Recovery Kit Videos

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by mememe
12/15/2018 - 09:14:50 AM
These are great!
I received these items when I purchased the Hysterectomy Prep Set. I took them to the hospital with me and they helped to block out the lights and the sounds throughout the night. Once home, as I napped during the day, they helped again! Thank you!
Reviewed by MisfitKaren
06/12/2015 - 08:09:51 PM
Works great!
In hospital this was great to have as the nurses I had one night just would not leave a certain light off for me to sleep. With this I managed to create my own darkness in total comfort!
Reviewed by ForteVoce
05/28/2015 - 08:37:00 AM
The Recovery Kit was so helpful and I love the contoured eye area, which made it seriously comfortable. Would highly recommend this purchase.

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