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Silky Sac: Fine Washables Laundry Bag


Price: $9.50


What makes silky sac different? Most washer bags have either an open mesh or rough yarns. Instead of protecting' delicate items, they act like a grate and actually cause pilling and can snag loosely woven and knitted items.

SILKY SAC is made with a proven diamond design weave that prevents pilling and snagging but allows soap and water to flow freely through the weave.

Since the sacs themselves are 3 dimensional with a zipper they are also perfect for organizing personal items at home and on the road.

Perfect for washing your Abdominal Binder, Perfect Pocket Abdominal Binder, Softest Bra Ever, and support panties!

Cute Pink color!

Measures a large 3-D size: 13" X 9" X 8"

Silky Sac FAQ

What is the size of this washing laundry sac?
It is 13" x 9" x 8". 

Why do I need a Silky Sac?
If you do your laundry using a washing machine, we recommend using this sack as a way to protect your abdominal binders, bras, post-op panties during your surgery recovery. The bag will be used after your recovery for your regular bras and panties, too! We like them to keep socks together as a pair.

How do I use the Silky Sac?
Put your bras, panties, binders into the Silky Sac and zip up the bag! Place into your washing machine along with detergent and wash on delicate cycle. Some customers say they use regular cycle as the bag is created to protect your delicate items from "washing machine abuse". 

My packaging is different than in the image. Did I get the wrong product?
The manufacturer changes the packaging from time to time. If it says SILKY SAC by Brava, it is the right product!

More questions? Contact us!

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by mememe
12/15/2018 - 09:17:21 AM
Perfect for binder and bras
I love this laundry bag. It gave me a safe way to wash my pocket binder (which is my favorite product!) AND after my surgery recovery, I have used this bag to wash my bras and panties and socks (Love keeping my socks together! No more losing them one by one. ha!) Great product!
Reviewed by KimM
02/24/2013 - 12:17:19 PM
Very nice laundry bag
Love the laundry bag for my delicates. It is much larger and roomier than other ones I have purchased. Everything fits in one bag. Good value.

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