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The Great Binder Set


Price: $76.99


We have made it very easy for you and combined the two best binders for your hysterectomy recovery - and the mesh laundry bag into a great set to save you money!

Compression after a laparoscopic hysterectomy or open abdominal hysterectomy, myomectomy, c-section, appendectomy, hernia surgery, or tummy tuck is helpful to your recovery.

Our binders provide support directly to your tummy and back, allowing you to move with less pain and greater mobility. Compression aides to reduce recovery time. Our abdominal binders provide incision support, help prevent tearing, and make it easier to get out of bed, move and walk.

In this set you will receive one Abdominal Support Binder, one Perfect Pocket Abdominal binder with 2 cold/heat packs, and a Mesh Laundry Bag to make washing a breeze.

Most ladies wear the Perfect Pocket Binder right after surgery, so they can take advantage of the cool pack pain relief. If you are borderline on sizes, please take post op swelling into account, especially in the Perfect Pocket Binder.

The Abdominal Binder
You'll want this binder during your hysterectomy recovery, not only for when you are up and walking around but this is a "must have" for side sleepers, to recline comfortably during recovery. You will love this for the best tummy belly support. We can't say enough good stuff about this product! This binder is great for both horizontal and vertical incisions, as well as for minimally invasive surgery. It's tapered design allows for an even better fit.

How to select the correct size for Abdominal Binder:

Measure yourself around the incision area (this will be between your belly button and your hips, not your waist).

24"-30" fits our "Small"
30"-36" fits our "Medium"
36"-42" fits our "Large"
42"-48" fits our "X-Large"
48"-54" fits our "2X-Large"

The Pocket Binder
This pocket abdominal Binder for hysterectomy recovery provides cooling relief and support for your hysterectomy or surgery recovery especially during the first few weeks of surgery. The pocket binder comes with 2 cold/heat packs which provide cooling comfort to your tender belly.

How to select the correct size for Pocket Binder:

Measure yourself around the incision area (this will be between your belly button and your hips).

31-36" fits our Extra-Small/Small
35"- 50" fits our Medium/Large
48"- 58" fits our XL/2XL (add $4.00)

Two Cold/Heat Packs
These handy packs are reusable medical packs. Freeze them or heat them and they stay flexible. Freeze in your kitchen freezer for 1-2 hours before using. Heat in boiling water or in a microwave. Apply to your "Owie" for comfort and healing relief.

Mesh Laundry Bag
Protect your investment, and keep your binders and other delicates in the best shape possible! Place the binders, port op panties, bras, and other delicates into the mesh laundry bag before washing!

Buying these items seperately would cost over $80!

For more information, please refer to:

Abdominal Support Binder


Perfect Pocket Abdominal Binder

Read more details on the Mesh Laundry Bag.

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by Rgyuse
01/03/2023 - 09:48:39 PM
Anticipated al my needs
I purchased the binder set before my surgery and must say I have loved and use both binders daily. They are expertly designed to meet your needs as you recover. The pocket binder is great for the cool packs and can also be used for a hot pack and switched to sit on your sore lower back. The abdominal binder is the perfect size, so easy to put on and off and a must have for walks, sitting, and sleeping especially when you have a swelly sensitive belly. I returned all the other binders I bought. These two are everything you need: I am three weeks post surgery and will be using these the next two months I am sure. Grateful.
Reviewed by Dchris69
05/12/2020 - 05:40:50 AM
Game changer!
This product helped me get through months of post op pain after my hysterectomy and I would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone going for the same procedure. (In fact, I’ve mentioned it to anyone I’ve met since mine because it made such a difference during my recovery.) The pocket band in particular was a complete game changer in dealing with pain after the surgery. Now, I use it for pelvic pain For other issues. Wonderful product, excellent service.
Reviewed by elizrderth
06/22/2016 - 10:14:44 AM
Binder Set
I was so glad I had these! I took it to surgery with me and wore the band home from surgery. These bands really help with feeling stable and with swelling. Only complaint I have is that the band is not wide enough. It rides a little as you move around so the top edge would rub one of my incisions. If this band was about 2" wider, it would be perfect.
After I had my stitches taken out, I ended up going to a pharmacy with DME and purchased an abdominal band that is 12" wide to support my full abdomen and it feels much better.
I am now 4 weeks post op and have gone 3 days without the band, and if going out or doing any walking, even around a store, wear the band!!
Reviewed by Mardell
08/18/2014 - 04:01:17 PM
Just feels goooood!
I received this item post op TLH, one week and was so thankful!

My Dr told me I did not need a binder because I only had a few little scars and was not overweight, which I do not believe is the only reason to use a binder.

I had a yearning for being "held together"....I tried a local drugstore brand and it was big, rough, awkward and a little comforting but just not right.
(I know we all have a little "Goldylocks" in us)

When I put on this one I purchased from the Hyster-Sister site I felt it was a MUST for needed softness, flexibility and feel good comfort in my recovery. Definitely a perfect fit with the contouring shape, made for a woman's tummy.

Just because the incisions are small on the outside does not mean that the healing on the inside are small! I found it a "big comfort" like it was a "big bandaid" holding my "big owie" together. :)

The "Great Binder Set" gave my internal organs security when they were "reorganizing." With the open space from my organs; uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries gone, there was a lot of relocating of organ territory and i felt better having something keep my boundaries inside.

The ice pack pocket it a total awesome feels right added pampering. When I did not have pampering from my "works a lot" husband and my typical teenage and adult children, I felt pampered by Hyster-Sisters for suggesting it!

Thanks Hyster-Sisters for suggesting this, it was worth every penny!
Reviewed by marla616
12/23/2013 - 05:30:17 AM
Can't Live Without my Binder
I am post op 11 days now and life is so much easier with my binder. I had a long bikini cut and my belly had a roll to begin with. It swelled even more with the surgery and is sore and tender. With my binder it it much easier to get around. No need to hold a pillow or towel to my belly like other places or people suggest. This does the work for me and leaves my hands free. The doctor wants me to keep walking around the house and do some normal activities and this keeps everything firm, but I don't wear it really tight.
Reviewed by kittykatlvr
08/07/2013 - 04:36:47 PM
why buy 2 when only need 1
I bought this a few weeks post op after I'd returned to work at 2 weeks post op and had great difficulty being on my feet and moving around and someone advised me to get an abdominal binder. I initially bought one at a local drug store but it was stiff and uncomfortable. I really like these, especially with the insert that can be frozen (cold feels so good!). What I didn't realize is that both of these binders are exactly the same. I thought they were two different kinds. I really have no use for two binders, especially not two of the exact same one. I do like these better than what I found in the store, though, as they're much more comfortable and look better under clothes. They're also washable. And having the laundry bag is nice too.
Reviewed by Eagle
04/29/2013 - 08:08:58 AM
Great binder Set
I think the store is Amazing to offer these products. I bought the binder set and there great the ice packs help a lot. The bands give support where needed to help make recovery more bearable. It is wonderful to have this store for helping us women going through these surgerys. the company was very fast in processing my order getting to canada in montreal was very fast excellent service in the shipping department and also in tracking the order a long the way. Great company Products great staff support. I have put the word out on this company when i went for Pre-op testing it was a group of women all getting info from the nurse and hospital what to expect and treatment i spoke to the ladies and health staff about your store and products and they should Include in there regular presentation for this surgery your company and products and for the ladies to look on line and see your site so they may make purchases if they want to help informed of this store and the Hystersister site. This should be a Major
resources to help themselfs.

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