Terms and Conditions

Credit Card User Identity

Use of a credit card within the Hysterectomy Store presumes the customer has the complete authority of its use. Credit Card reversals after merchandise has been shipped will be investigated and turned over to Credit Card Company for dispute arbitrations.


The Hysterectomy Store is not a large volume store, but we try very hard to please our customers/members. Please order carefully, reading all the details of each product before ordering. The Hysterectomy Store can not afford to absorb the costs of mistakes often. We rely on the merchandise sales profits to keep the website free to our visitors. Thank you for understanding! :-)

For return authorization, please CONTACT US with your order number and merchandise concern. Please note the return policy below:


Return Inquiries should be sent to: CONTACT US. All returns must receive an authorization code for return. Do not return merchandise without authorization.

REFUNDS: We can provide a refund for items returned within 30 days of your receipt of the package as long as they are in excellent, new, unused, condition and *free of smoke or other unusual odors*. All returns MUST be accompanied by the original sales receipt and have authorization for return. Shipping and handling is not refundable. A $5.00 fee is applied to your refund as a restocking fee. Your refund will be processed by the same method as your payment.

RETURNS AFTER THIRTY DAYS: We cannot provide refunds or credits for items kept beyond thirty days. If you have any questions about this policy or your return, please feel free to contact our office.

RETURNS on Merchandise that qualified for FREE SHIPPING: If you received "FREE SHIPPING" on your order based on your merchandise total, your refund will be additionally reduced to cover full shipping on your original order if your new total no longer qualifies for FREE SHIPPING.


1. Books (including ebooks)

2. Items with broken security seals: Creams, body wash, moistures, DVD's and Videotapes, can only be returned if the security seal is intact. It must be unopened.

3. All undergarments, bras and panties.

4. Abdominal bands with broken plastic packaging. It must be unopened and in original packaging to be returnable.

5. Chillow (Manufacturer provides warranty against defects. Contact them directly.)

6. Any item that has an odor unrelated to the product (example: Smoke or animal odors)


While packages leave our warehouse intact, they may occasionally be damaged in shipment. Boxes have been crushed and/or bottles broken "in transit." If a shipment arrives damaged, please contact us by email so that we can learn more about this and, if the situation warrants, provide a credit or resend you the damaged items. We certainly do not expect anyone to keep a product damaged in shipment. Please retain the original packaging so that we can see the damage.


Because customs varies so greatly between countries, it is impossible for our staff to keep up with the changes. Thus, it is the responsibility of the customer in that country to determine if their customs service will accept the items you have ordered.

Customs Fees: The Hysterectomy Store does not include customs fees in our orders. If your country assesses a customs charge, you will be responsible for paying that fee before you can pick up your item.

Contact us for a RETURN AUTHORIZATION CODE CONTACT US. Returns should be mailed (with the receipt) and authorization code on the receipt AND on outside of package to:

Bluebird Sisters
3091 College Park Dr.
Ste 240-61
Conroe, Tx 77384