Tummy Care

As your incision is healing and you need extra support, either the Abdominal Binder or the Perfect Pocket Abdominal Binder will be the perfect product to wrap around your tummy to give you the added support you need! A "must have" for side sleepers! 

And don't forget the Pocket Pillow to protect your tender tummy while in the car or sitting on the couch which comes with cold/hot packs.

And once you are back on your feet and carrying on with your normal activities, we've found the best Post Op Panty for support to your tummy for your "back to life" activities while your tummy still needs a bit of support!

Cold Pack Pouch
Post Op Panty
The Great Binder Set
$69.99 $64.99
Abdominal Support Binder
$25.95 $20.95