Our Store

Can you tell me about the store? Who owns it?

The Hysterectomy Store was launched in 1999 as part of the HysterSisters.com website by founder Kathy Kelley. As HysterSisters grew, the website and store needed to be separated to manage efficiently. The Store was separated from the original website and established as its own website. Bluebird Sisters (Kathy's daughter in law, Jessica) owns and manages the store. It is still a family owned/run business. Read more here: About Us.


Do I have to register to checkout/purchase?

Absolutely not! We try to make it easy for anyone to purchase items in our store. You can select to checkout as a guest or register. P.S. If you register, you will receive a 15% off first purchase discount code in your welcome email. Yay! Right?

Discount Codes

Do you have discount codes? Promo Codes?

We do! You can receive a 15% off discount just for registering as a customer. It will arrive in your email box (watch your junk folder!). We also post discount codes on Facebook and Instagram from time to time! Be sure to "like" and "follow" us on Social Media!

Logging in

I keep trying to log-in but the store will not recognize me!

If you have NOT shopped at the Hysterectomy Store before and are trying to log-in with your username and password from the HysterSisters community, the store will not recognize you. The HysterSisters website is a separate company from the Hysterectomy Store.

Shop in the store and checkout as a new customer! You can create an account as you checkout or bypass creating an account. Either way, no need to log-in.

Password Trouble

I lost my password. Help!

You must have a STORE account to recover your password. You will have a password if you purposefully created a STORE account in the past as a CUSTOMER of the store. You cannot log-in to the store using your HysterSisters.com community username and password.

Order Questions - Sizing

Are the sizing charts for the binders and panties done in inches? 

Yes, all measurements (and sizes) in the Hysterectomy Store are described in inches.

Gift Certificates

May I send a gift to another person through the Hysterectomy Store? 

Hysterectomy Store offers gift certificates to our customers. Your gift recipient will receive an automated email from our store with instructions on how to redeem the gift certificate. Read all the details by clicking     [here]

Checkout questions

When checking out I'm asked for a security number. What is that?

On the back of the Visa and Mastercard cards is a three digit number, sometimes to the right of a longer number. The three digit code is the security number on your credit card.

Is the Hysterectomy Store secure for checkout?

The Hysterectomy Store is encrypted and secured for your protection. Additionally, we do not keep credit cards on file.


After I checked-out, I realized I want one more thing. Can you edit my order for me?!

We are sorry but once you hit the "Submit" button during checkout, we cannot edit your order to include more items. The transaction for your credit card is live and we have no way of going in and altering your approved transaction.

We suggest going back and shopping again. It will charge you a bit more for shipping with two separate orders but it is the only solution we have found!

Discount Coupon? - Apply it after I ordered?

I checked out in the store and forgot to apply my store coupon. Can you apply it to my order?

I received a coupon after I checked out in the store. Can you apply it to my last order?

We are sorry but we cannot alter a transaction you approved on your credit card/PayPal during checkout. The customer must apply the coupon themselves during checkout. We do not have the ability to go in and alter it. Apply it during checkout or save it for another store purchase.


When can I expect to receive my order?

Your order is usually shipped within 1-2 business days. If you are in the U.S.A., your order is usually shipped using the United States Postal Service using Priority mail which usually takes 2-4 days to arrive at your destination from the date of shipping. Sometimes an order is delayed in shipping a few days but never more than 4 business days. If you are in the United States and have not received your order within 10 business days of your order date, contact us.

FREE SHIPPING: If your order qualifies for free shipping, we may select a different carrier to ship your order (usually Fed Ex). This can extend the delivery time another 2-4 days. Expect to receive an email from whichever carrier we are using for your order with tracking information. PLEASE NOTE: During the month of December, packages are extremely slow. Order ahead of time if it’s near a holiday!

Order Tracking

Can I track my order?

Unless your order qualifies for free shipping, your order is usually shipped using USPS Priority mail. You will be sent, via email, a report email which is really a simple status from the post office. Generally, you are notified when your order is documented in the post office system with a "delivery confirmation" number. The status of your order is sometimes not updated again until it is delivered. (It is "Delivery Confirmation" after all!). If you qualify for free shipping, you will receive an email with tracking information from the carrier we have selected for your order (United States Post Office, Fed Ex or U.P.S.) Please allow up to 10 business days before notifying the store of a "lost" package.

Shipment Options

How do you ship my order?

Orders are processed and packaged on regular business days and are shipped according to USPS postal service calendar. We ship within the US using USPS priority mail which takes 2-4 days for delivery from the date we ship.  If your order qualifies for free shipping, we may opt to use a different shipping service (typically Fed Ex or U.P.S.). International orders are shipped using International Priority so we can track your order.

Cost of Shipping

How much does it cost to ship to California or Ireland? (or anywhere else?)

We can't tell you that through an email. The store shopping cart calculates postage based on weight and your address. Shop in the store, adding merchandise to your shopping cart. On the shopping cart page, above the coupon code box, you will see a link for a shipping estimate to your destination. You will have a second chance to see the shipping charges when you enter your billing and shipping information as part of the checkout procedure. You will be shown the cost of postage and any postage options PRIOR to payment. You can abandon your shopping cart at any point PRIOR to payment.

I want to have my package shipped faster. How do I arrange for that?

We are sorry but we cannot ship overnight or through any other methods. Orders are processed and packaged during regular business hours and following USPS postal service calendar.

International Shipping

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, and we are happy to do this. It is expensive. All merchandise is in US Dollars and using a credit card is the easiest way to convert your country's money to US Dollars. International Countries we ship to: Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. Other countries are excluded unless the address is a US APO (US military) address. If you are having difficulties checking out of our store with your international address, this can be due to difficulties with the credit card verification system trying to match and recognize your address. The only way we have found to bypass this problem is to checkout using PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account, you can open one at www.Paypal.com and can still pay with your credit card through the PayPal system.

Additionally, we have been notified of international customers who are charged additional customs tax, shipping charges upon delivery by their country's postal service. The Hysterectomy Store pre-pays all postal charges according to the United States Postal Service. We do not have any control over other nations' postal deliveries and cannot take responsibility for additional shipping charges incurred in other countries. Shipping international can take much longer than the system indicates but this is out of our control. Customs offices frequently hold up packages, delaying their arrival. Expect international orders to take up to 21 business days for delivery. Feel free to contact our store and ask how long packages to your country have been taking recently. It does vary from country to country.

Returns and Refunds and Exchanges


I would like to get information on how to return my unused merchandise.

New/unused products may be returned to the Hysterectomy Store if they meet the standards outlined in our [Return Policy]. Merchandise may not be returned without an authorization code. Read about our Return and Refund Policy by [clicking here].


I need to exchange the abdominal binder I ordered for a different size. It's new and unused. How can I exchange it for the correct size?

There is no quick or easy way to exchange merchandise. Please place another order for the correct size and contact our store to return the binder that is the incorrect size.

To read about the return policy, [click here].

More Help?

Where can I get more information and help?

You can CONTACT the store by [clicking here]