Woman in menopause walking on beach

Tips for Menopause

Whether a surgery threw you into menopause or age dragged you to it, our customers have tips for you:

Hot flashes and Night Sweats

“Don’t underestimate the power of a fan. And if you can’t be sure there will be one where you’re going, equip yourself with a handheld, battery-operated one or a fan that is USB for your phone. Some even have a spray feature built in!”

“Layers. Always dress in a way that if a hot flash takes over, you can remove a piece of clothing without over shedding!”

“Carry cold water with you and keep it by your bedside at night. Water makes for quick relief when a hot flash hits. You can drink it down or pour it on, depending on where you are and how desperate you are!”

“Spicy foods, hot foods, some meats can trigger hot flashes. Keep track of what seems to trigger yours. Then try to steer clear of them.”

“Stop smoking. Not only does it tend to trigger hot flashes, its not a healthy habit.”


“Manage your stress levels. Add exercise to your daily routine and find additional activities that you enjoy and help you relax.”

“Make your bedroom a peaceful sanctuary. Declutter, paint the walls, change the bedding.”

“Avoid stimulants and stimulating activities before bedtime.”

“Get a bit of sunshine every day.”

“Try lavender shower steamers for a scent relaxing activity before bed. Listen to beautiful music.”

“Consider a melatonin supplement. Magnesium can also have benefits.”

Dry Vagina

“Vaginal atrophy occurs when vaginal tissues become thin, dry, and irritated from decreased estrogen levels. Talk to your doctor about adding vaginal estrogen.”

“Some medications may contribute to vaginal dryness and thus vaginal atrophy especially meds for allergy and colds.”

“Vaginal moisturizers or personal lubricants can be a help and are all over the counter. I like Genneve Intimate Moisture.”

“Be aware of your personal hygiene products. Soaps, bubble baths, strong detergents and scented soaps can irritate your V-zone. Try using Genneve Gentle Body Wash.”

Loss of libido

“Have a frank discussion with your doctor. Its likely that hormone imbalance is the culprit. Consider taking testosterone HRT.”

“Ask your doctor about pelvic floor physical therapy.”

“Use personal lubricants and moisturizers.”

“Find ways to connect outside the bedroom. Work on romance with walks and talks.”


“Keep stress and anxiety away. These are the partners that suck life out of you and cause fatigue.”

“Fuel your body with the right foods. If you are enjoying too many carbs, your body doesn’t have the right fuel for energy. Balance your diet with plenty of veggies and lean meats.”

“Try B-12 patches behind your ear. Its an easy way to provide the supplement to you without an injection.”

“Always talk to your doctor about your fatigue and concerns. Your doc really is your best resource!”

Aching joints

“Estrogen. Its the secret weapon against joint pain. Take estrogen away during menopause and our bones can feel the loss. Talk to your doctor about it!”

“Walk. Walk. Walk. Its a reasonable exercise and requires no gym time nor any special equipment.”


“Exercise. When we move, our brain releases chemicals that enhance the mood.”

“Are you getting enough vitamin D? If not, head outside. Your skin makes this vitamin D when it’s exposed to the sun’s rays.”

“Some women experience depression if their hormone levels are not balanced. Talk to your doctor.”

“This Natural Progesterone not only helped relieve my hormone related headaches, it helped balance my mood not to mention other great benefits from Dr Lee’s book. I agree with others I would not do without this product.”

“Expand your world by taking new activities and meeting new friends. Often loneliness causes depression and by exposing ourselves to other people, our mood can be lifted.”


“Another point for walking, simply exercise provides weight bearing help to provide additional bone density.”

“Besides calcium, other important minerals and vitamins for your bones include vitamins D and K and potassium. Are you taking them?”