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Cold Pack Pouch


Price: $7.99
Daisy Garden Pouch Only
Daisy Garden w/ Cool Packs (+$8.00)


The cold pack pouch provides great comfort during your hysterectomy or csection recovery. The fun, colorfully designed pouch (handmade in the USA) helps to keep the direct chill off of you, but still provide relief to your sore, swollen belly!

This cold pack pouch can be purchased by itself or with 2 cool/hot packs.

You can place one cool pack inside the pouch, and have the second one in the freezer for later use. OR use them both at the same time for added cool relief.

This can be used at anytime, not just post op. Keep it for other family members "owies" and "boo-boos".  Versatile for any aches and pains.

Machine washable, cold water. Tumble dry low. 

This pouch holds cool packs that are 4x9 inches.

The Cold Pack Pouch and 2 gel cold packs is wonderful for you or as a gift for someone going through surgery.  

Cold Pack Pouch FAQ

Can this pouch be used on other aches and pains?
Absolutely! We expect you to use this cold pack pouch during your surgery recovery and then for many years afterward - for your household boo-boos and "owies".

Can I put this Cold Pack Pouch between my abdominal binder and my tummy? 
Of course! This is actually the way we developed the Pocket Binder - we encouraged our customers to put the cold pack underneath their binder, against their skin - with a fabric pocket holding the cold pack to help keep the direct ice off their skin.

How do I wash my pouch?
Machine wash on delicate cycle. Lie flat to dry. Wash only the pouch and NOT the cold pack. 

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Reviewed by mftully
09/13/2016 - 07:39:36 AM
cold packs and pouch
This product has given me great relief from incision swelling and pain. I highly recommend ordering the pouch with 2 cold packs so that you can alternate cold packs while one is put back in the freezer to refreeze. I had an abdominal hysterectomy with a 7 inch incision and the cold pack size covered it perfectly.

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