Genneve Intimate Moisture


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Relieves vaginal dryness instantly, protects tissue and enhances intimacy.

Concentrate formula, approx. 64 applications - 2 OZ.
  • FDA tested for safety
  • gynecologist approved
  • dermatologist approved
  • sexologist approved
  • ph balanced
  • hypo-allergenic
  • water soluble
  • no fragrance
  • no chemical dyes or colors
  • paraben free
  • protects tissue
  • a feminine daily moisturizer
  • Providing a woman ultimate comfort and confidence no matter what her daily activities, morning or night.

Genneve Intimate Moisture is specifically formulated to relieve vaginal dryness instantly and enhance the pleasure of intimacy.

Also for use as a daily intimate moisturizer to help protect the intimate area as part of a woman's daily feminine body care.

The intimate area actually needs daily moisture protection more than any other area of the body. It is more susceptible to irritation, chafing, discomfort, even pain or swelling of the tissue, which can interfere with a woman's intimate life.

Estrogen depletion, stress or medication can lead to loss of a woman's natural moisture.

Pure, safe and effective - this unique formulation combines three different moisturizing ingredients plus a lubricant to remedy vaginal dryness.

Genneve also helps ease the beginning of intimacy and gives maximum tissue protection, literally cushioning the vaginal tissue with moisture so intimate activity is completely comfortable and can last as long as desired.

Extremely effective and consumer friendly – feels as natural as a woman's own moisture, no stickiness, no residue and no superfluous ingredients to change the natural vaginal environment

The products are also recommended by several teaching hospitals such as MD Anderson, and Cedars Sinai departments of gynecology, FDA approved to be marketed as a 501 (K) medical device.

Feels as natural as a woman's own fluid, adapts to the body's temperature.

Product Ingredients: Water, Glyceryl Polymethacrylate, Glycerin, Sorbitol, Propylene Glycol, Panthenol, Sodium Hyaluronte, Sodium PCA, PEG-90M, Carbomer, Sodium Hydroxide, Diazolidinyl Urea, Disodium EDTA.

"Buy it for the problem,  use it for the pleasure"

Shhhhhh..... Like all our products, comes discretely packaged so no one knows what you are ordering, or even what company you are ordering from!

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