Peri Cool Packs


Price: $7.99


These Peri Cool pads are constructed of a soft, absorbent material to insure comfort and are packaged in a set of two (2) pads.

These pads are a disposable, single use pad.

  • Provides immediate cooling relief to injured area
  • Easy to activate with one squeeze making access quick and convenient
  • Flexible and conforms easily to body contours
  • Safe, therapeutic temperature that can be applied directly to skin
  • Comfortable, effective pain relief with absorbent pad
  • Ideal for post-surgery, as used in hospitals
  • Refrigeration not required

Great to use with our mesh panties. Set of 2 pads.

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by ctarey
07/07/2015 - 05:21:22 PM
Pretty expense for one time use. Thought it was a freeze and use cold pack. This is a "pad" (would not want to reuse) with a "pop and it get cold" cold pack in one. It works and is simply, just not cheap!

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