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Support tender tummy with binder

Support your tender tummy with binder – Hysterectomy Recovery Tip

We often hear from hysterectomy patients: I felt like my belly was going to fall off. Or, I needed to grab my belly as I moved.

As a result, you will feel your belly is unprotected and “loose”.  And with an abdominal binder, your tummy will feel protected and secured.

Wear an abdominal binder from day one, over your bandage. You will find it helps you to get in and out of bed, in and out of the car and even as you turn or adjust in bed. The binder will provide gentle support and compression, often resulting in easier recovery for you.

The abdominal binder carried at HysterectomyStore.com, is perfectly designed for a woman’s shape. It is designed so it doesn’t roll or twist.

Our customers love it. We think you will love this abdominal binder for your hysterectomy recovery, too!



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waist bandit to help you get back into your pants after hysterectomy

Getting back into your pants?

If you are struggling to get back into your pants, let us introduce you to Waist Bandit.

We know how frustrating it is to have a swollen, bloated belly, and none of your favorite pants or skirts will fit. Don’t go through the added frustration and expense of buying clothing to accommodate your swelly belly.

The Waistband Extender comes in a kit that includes everything you need to adjust the pants already in your closet.

Check out the Waist Bandit which extends your pants width easily and simply.

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Post-Op Panty for Hysterectomy and c-section surgery tummy

Post-op Panty is Great for Surgery Recovery

The Post op panty is really the best investment for your post-op tummy following hysterectomy, c-section or other abdominal surgery.

These panties are designed by a surgical care nurse and wound specialist. The Post Op Panty for your hysterectomy or abdominal surgery is available in three styles to meet any stage of your surgery recovery.

  • High Waist Compression only
  • High Waist Compression and silicone Panel for scar management
  • Classic Waist with silicone panel for scar management

The Post Op Panty features anatomic medical grade compression to reduce pain, bloating, swelling and tenderness. This panty also lets you get back to your normal activities sooner. They provide support and compression to help reduce pain and make moving around more comfortable.

Read more about the Post Op Panty for hysterectomy and c-section.

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