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Woman holding post-op panty for her hysterectomy recovery

What do I need for my Swelly Belly after hysterectomy?

Question: I’ve had a hysterectomy and my belly is so tender and swollen. What can I do about my swelly belly?

It sounds like you are experiencing the “Swelly belly dilemma” as HysterSisters often call it. 

Swelly Belly

First, let’s understand your swollen belly. You should manage your tender incisions carefully following any kind of abdominal surgery, and follow your surgeon’s instructions.

Note: If your tummy becomes hot, red, or painful, please call your doctor. This is NOT normal and NOT part of the normal post-op swelling. Report any unusual symptoms, or anything that you’re not comfortable to your doctor immediately. Keep your incisions dry and covered according to your doctor’s instructions. 

One of the challenging aspects of having surgery like a hysterectomy is post-op swelling of the abdomen. It can occur in any type of abdominal procedure: open abdominal, laparoscopic, robotic hysterectomy, tummy tuck, hernia repair and even c-section. 

Trauma to your abdominal tissues, gasses used during surgery, and/or fluids collecting in the tissues cause your swollen tummy.

Amazingly, you may think keeping everything away from your tender belly is the answer.

Gentle compression is often the answer

Next, let’s understand the potential solution. Compression after a hysterectomy (laparoscopic or open abdominal surgery), myomectomy, appendectomy, hernias, tummy tuck is helpful to your recovery! Compression aides to reduce recovery time. 

Binders support your tummy and back, allowing you to move with less pain and greater mobility. Additionally, abdominal binders provide incision support, help prevent tearing, and make it easier to get out of bed, move and walk.

And, yes, a binder is great for both horizontal and vertical incisions, as well as for minimally invasive surgery.

Products for gentle compression

Finally, the good news is that there are products made just for your belly.

Perfect Pocket Binder has a pocket for an ice pack (2 cold/heat packs come with this binder) for the early days of recovery, providing ice pack to your tender belly.

Abdominal binder is another specifically shaped binder for women with a simple velcro closure to adjust sizing. These are worn under clothing and they have darts to shape the product to minimize the binder from moving or rolling as you sit, stand and move around.

Post-op Panty provides gentle compression and support as you are preparing to get on with your life and is worn as underwear, under your regular clothing.

Hopefully, your swelly belly will go away soon enough and you can ease back into your activities with the help of the gentle compression. Always consult your personal doctor for specific health needs you experience.

Be kind to yourself,
Bluebird Sisters(tm)
Hysterectomy Store

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Woman asking if hysterectomy store products can be used for c-section and tummy tuck.

Will your products work for C-section? Tummy tuck?

Question: Many of your products might be helpful for other kinds of surgery. I’m scheduled for a C-section and tummy tuck and wonder if your binders and panties could be helpful?

Absolutely! We’ve sold many binders to c-section patients and to patients after tummy tucks and hernia repairs, too. Any abdominal surgery patients would benefit from our binders and panties – specifically women.

Check out our binders

First, the binders we sell are 6” tall, created specially for women as they are darted to contour to your shape, to be snug without it being too tight, providing gentle compression for your tender belly. They come in various sizes based on the measurement around your incision area. (Order carefully!) Read about them here: Abdominal Binder.

Secondly, a different binder designed specifically for abdominal surgeries is the Pocket Binder which has a pocket to hold cool/heat packs that comes with the binder. It, too, provides compression to your tender tummy with the added soothing help of a cold pack. Read more about the Pocket binder.

Take a look at our tummy pillow

And, our Pocket Tummy Pillow is also a great item after c-section or tummy tuck. You’ll need a tummy pillow between you and the seatbelt, and to be your companion in bed and on the couch for gentle compression if you couch, sneeze or laugh. It’s pocket holds a cold/heat pack – we always suggest using the iced/cold pack on new incisions (never heat) to add soothing relief to new incisions.

The Post-op panties are best sellers, too

Don’t miss the benefit of the post op panties. These come in several styles and multiple sizes depending on your surgery and recovery. Read more about those here: Post-op Panty.

And, more products for your needs

Finally, you’ll uncover more items and specifically in the Surgery Aids section of the Hysterectomy Store.

Check out the products, one at a time, and you will discover that most of the products were created not just for hysterectomy but for most women’s abdominal surgeries.

Be kind to yourself,
Bluebird Sisters(tm)
Hysterectomy Store








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Hysterectomy Prep Set for your surgery recovery – Renewed!

We’ve renewed the Hysterectomy Prep Set after asking our customers what products they would like to see packaged together for easy shopping and savings.

The Hysterectomy Prep Set has best selling products to help women having surgeries such as hysterectomy, myomectomy, c-section, tummy tuck, hernia repair and other abdominal surgeries.

The Perfect Pocket Binder – ($46.95 value) provides cooling relief and support for the first stage of your recovery, and for the second stage of your recovery, just leave out the cool pack and you still have all the support your belly needs and wants.

Sizing: Measure yourself around the incision area (this will be between your belly button and your hips).

  • 31-36″ fits our Extra-Small/Small
  • 35″- 50″ fits our Medium/Large
  • 48″- 58″ fits our XL/2XL (add $4.00)

Cool Packs – Use inside your Perfect Pocket Binder or alone, against your sore belly. These handy packs are reusable medical packs. Freeze them or heat them and they stay flexible.

Quick Patient Recovery Kit – ($7.99 value) Comes with a pair of Ultra and Slim fit soft foam earplugs, a silky-smooth eye mask, and a travel pouch! Help block out those hospital noises so you can get some rest.

Silky Sac – ($9.50 value) Help protect your best recovery tool! This washer bag can be used during recovery to wash your binder gently, while still maintaining it’s effectiveness. Use it after to wash your delicates.

Mesh Panties – ($7.99 value) Set of two, these panties are really stretchy and light, making it perfect for the post op belly.

PLUS!! – Get a digital download book free!

Read more about the Hysterectomy Prep Set here.

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