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We often receive questions via email sent to the Hysterectomy Store. Here we answer those questions in order to help our customers find the best products for abdominal surgeries such as hysterectomy (including laparoscopic, abdominal, vaginal and robotic), c-section, A & P repairs, vaginal prolapse, tummy tuck and hernia repairs. If you have a question, please contact us through our CONTACT form.

Guide – Do I really need a hysterectomy?

From  Your Hysterectomy Guide

Do I really need a hysterectomy?

There are many reasons a woman might need a hysterectomy. Fibroids, endometriosis, pelvic organ prolapse, abnormal uterine bleeding, cancer or other unexplained pelvic pain can all lead to a hysterectomy…..

No matter the reason, and no matter how much you trust and respect your physician, it is always a good idea to get a second (and third!) opinion. Whether they confirm the first opinion or provide you with….

Read more and download your copy: Your Hysterectomy Guide

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Sizing for the Abdominal Binder?

Can you help me? What size binder will I need?

Measure yourself around the incision area (this will be between your belly button and your hips, not your waist).

  • 24″-30″ fits our “Small”
  • 30″-36″ fits our “Medium”
  • 36″-42″ fits our “Large”
  • 42″-48″ fits our “X-Large”
  • 48″-54″ fits our “2X-Large”

If you can’t decide which size, even with the size chart – especially if you are between two sizes, here is more information to help.

We usually encourage our customers to go up to the next size if you are between sizes. Swelling will often push you into another a larger size.

Read more about the Abdominal Binder.

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Holiday Shipping Alert

As the holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas are rapidly approaching, make sure you order what you need in plenty of time to avoid delays.

While we do everything we can to get packages out our doors in plenty of time, there are often delays starting with the week of Thanksgiving and throughout the month of December.

From weather delays to USPS over-abundance of packages to manage, we don’t want your package arriving late to you!

Plus – during the holidays (specifically Thursday/Friday during the week of Thanksgiving and during the week of Christmas) our employees time off to spend the holidays with their families.

Read all the details here: Delay in shipping during the holidays for the Hysterectomy Store.

Plan ahead! Be prepared!

Order in plenty of time!


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