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We often receive questions via email sent to the Hysterectomy Store. Here we answer those questions in order to help our customers find the best products for abdominal surgeries such as hysterectomy (including laparoscopic, abdominal, vaginal and robotic), c-section, A & P repairs, vaginal prolapse, tummy tuck and hernia repairs. If you have a question, please contact us through our CONTACT form.

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Do you have Pre-Op Tips for Hysterectomy?

Do you have Pre-Op Tips for Hysterectomy to help me plan for my surgery?

Indeed we do!  We’ve collected tips from our customers over the years for Pre-Op Hysterectomy.

Gather what you need ahead

“I made a big envelope folder to keep all my surgery papers. I knew the pre-op instructions and hospital discharge papers would get lost if I didn’t plan a place to keep it all. As bills arrived, I added them to the folder.”

I kept a digital NOTE on my phone to keep track of any questions I had for the doctor and nurses for pre-op. The list even came in handy when I was in the hospital.

I bought several things at the Hysterectomy Store: the Pocket Tummy Pillow and the Perfect Pocket Binder. Both were used throughout my recovery time!

Consider your type of surgery

“The Great Binder Set had everything I needed for my tummy tuck. Even afterwards, the wash bag became my favorite laundry accessory.”

I had to plan for a long recovery period without a shower because of the kind of surgery I was having.  So, I packed the No Rinse products for shampoo, conditioner and body wash. I’m glad I ordered them ahead of time!”

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how are orders shipped from hysterectomy store?

How do you ship orders from the Hysterectomy Store?

How do you ship orders from the Hysterectomy Store?

The Hysterectomy Store processes and packages orders on regular business days and are shipped according to USPS postal service calendar. For orders within the US, we typically ship using USPS priority mail which takes 2-4 days for delivery from the date we ship.  If your order qualifies for free shipping, we may opt to use a different shipping service (typically Fed Ex or U.P.S.).

International orders are shipped using International Priority so we can track your order. Note: International shipping is expensive.


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When would I need to wear mesh panties?

When would I need to wear mesh panties?

Mesh panties are perfect to wear right after your surgery, when your incisions are painful, tender and swollen. Mesh panties are lightweight, stretchy and fit easily over your belly and stitches.

Are these mesh panties washable?

Yes. Machine wash on delicate cycle within a laundry bag like our Silky Sac or handwash. Air dry.

Can I use these mesh panties to hold my peri-pads after c-section? After hysterectomy?

Yes. These panties are perfect to hold post-surgery pads in place.

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