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Gather what you need ahead of surgery

With your hysterectomy scheduled, you should have time to think through what you need. Consider the pharmacy and those items that may come in handy for your recovery.

Pick up a small bottle of stool softeners (no laxatives) to help you those first weeks post-op. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water and walk a little bit too!

Make sure you have ibuprofen (and/or Tylenol) on hand as you transition from pain meds to over-the-counter pain relief.

Hand sanitizer will come in handy!

And we always suggest ice packs ready and waiting for you in the freezer. (don’t forget to toss them in the freezer!)


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Use a Tummy Pillow Between You and Seatbelt

Your ride home from the hospital will feel bumpy even if your driver is careful. That’s because your tummy will be swollen, tender and feeling offended.

Be sure and take a tummy pillow with you to the hospital for your trip home. You will, also, need the tummy pillow to protect your tummy as you cough, sneeze or laugh.

Read more about the Tummy Pocket Pillow from the Hysterectomy Store.

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Feel Better Faster with Post Op Panty

Gentle compression? Check!

Tender support? Check!

Silicone panel for scar help? Check!

Designed by a surgical care nurse and wound specialist, Post Op Panty for your hysterectomy or abdominal surgery is available in three styles to meet any stage of your surgery recovery:

High Waist Compression only
High Waist Compression and silicone Panel for scar management
Classic Waist with silicone panel for scar management

Read more about the Post Op Panty for hysterectomy recovery.

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