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FDA Approves Menopause diagnostic tool

FDA Approves Diagnostic Test for Menopause Status

Women wondering how close to menopause they are may now have some more clues. On October 24, 2018, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the marketing of PicoAMH Elisa, a diagnostic tool that can show a woman’s menopause stage.

“Diagnostic results about a woman’s menopausal status may prompt discussions about preventative care for women experiencing menopausal symptoms,” said Courtney Lias, PhD, director of the division of chemistry and toxicology devices in the FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health in Silver Spring, Maryland, in a released statement. “This test, when used in conjunction with other clinical assessments and laboratory findings, can help inform discussions about preventative care, such as ways to help prevent loss in bone mineral density [osteoporosis] or to address cardiovascular disease, both of which are known to increase after menopause.”

…Read FDA Approves Diagnostic Test to Assess Menopause Status



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genneve intimate moisture in the hysterectomy store

Genneve Intimate Moisture

Genneve Intimate Moisture relieves vaginal dryness instantly while protecting tissue and enhancing intimacy. For years this has been a best selling product in the Hysterectomy Store.

It is pure, safe and effective. This unique formulation combines three different moisturizing ingredients plus a lubricant to remedy vaginal dryness.

This product is also recommended by several teaching hospitals such as MD Anderson, and Cedars Sinai departments of gynecology and FDA approved to be marketed as a 501 (K) medical device.

Concentrate formula, approx. 64 applications – 2 OZ.

  • FDA tested for safety
  • gynecologist approved
  • dermatologist approved
  • sexologist approved
  • ph balanced
  • hypo-allergenic
  • water soluble
  • no fragrance
  • no chemical dyes or colors
  • paraben free
  • protects tissue
  • a feminine daily moisturizer
  • Providing a woman ultimate comfort and confidence no matter what her daily activities, morning or night

Read more about Genneve Intimate Moisture

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Hysterectomy Store

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An Answer to Vaginal Dryness

An Answer to Vaginal Dryness

Vaginal dryness is not an easy topic to discuss. Diminishing estrogen levels are usually the main culprit because it is estrogen that produces a layer of moisture that keeps the vaginal tissues healthy and elastic. If there is not enough estrogen as a result of menopause, hormonal changes, or health issues, you may experience vaginal dryness.

You may be experiencing mild irritation, itching or burning and even pain with intercourse. Your tissues can even become brittle, causing light spotting or bleeding which are all symptoms of vaginal dryness.

What is the answer to vaginal dryness?

First, discuss your symptoms with your doctor and consider using some form of estrogen therapy to treat your vaginal dryness. 

Secondly, try a vaginal moisturizer like our favorite Genneve Intimate Moisture and use a personal lubricant like Genneve Personal Lubricant.

Stay away from products that can be irritating to the vagina like soaps, detergents, powders, lotions, and perfumes.  The Genneve Body Wash is a great option for your cleansing needs.

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Bluebird Sisters(tm)

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