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Ease your worries

In our Facebook Group, Your Hysterectomy – Support, Tips, & Stories, something that gets brought up frequently is the concern to resume intimate activity post op. Genneve Intimate Moisture can help ease your worries. It protects the delicate tissues, enhances intimacy, and relieves dryness. Genneve Intimate Moisture is one of our best selling products, and for good reason!

Be kind to yourself,
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B-12 patches help with some symptoms during menopause

B-12 Patch Makes it Easy

Has your doctor indicated you may be at risk of vitamin B-12 deficiency, or have you even started vitamin B-12 injections? Our B-12 patch may be right for you.

One patch worn behind the ear for 24 hours can provide your body with a week’s dosage of vitamin B-12.

Where should the patch be placed?

Apply one B12 Patch to a clean and dry area of the skin either behind the ear lobe on the neck, or on the inside of the wrist where the pulse is taken.

Read more about the B-12 Patch.

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Ideas for my Hot Flashes?

Do you have ideas to manage my hot flashes and other menopause symptoms?

Yes! Indeed, we do!

Don’t underestimate the power of a fan. And if you can’t be sure there will be one where you’re going, equip yourself with a handheld, battery-operated one or a fan that is USB for your phone. Some even have a spray feature built in!”

“Layers. Always dress in a way that if a hot flash takes over, you can remove a piece of clothing without over shedding!”

“Carry cold water with you and keep it by your bedside at night. Water makes for quick relief when a hot flash hits. You can drink it down or pour it on, depending on where you are and how desperate you are!”

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