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Does my pillow need a pocket?

Question: Why do I need a pillow with a pocket for recovery?

Pillows are very helpful to patients after abdominal surgery of any kind – hysterectomy, tummy tuck, c-section. Although, it may not make sense to you if you haven’t had your surgery yet, you will learn fairly quickly that coughing and sneezing can strain your tender tummy. Therefore, hold a small pillow over your incision! Use the tummy pillow as you cough or sneeze or laugh as it will support and protect your tender tummy.

Going home

Plan for your drive home from the hospital. You should bring a small pillow with you in the car. Place it between you and the seat belt for a safer and more comfortable car ride. It will feel help soothe your sore belly.

At home

Once at home, your tummy pillow is even more helpful!  You can use it to prevent pets and small children from bumping your incisions as they share the sofa with you. A tummy pillow held against your belly with gentle compression helps your incisions and tender belly from hurting as you laugh.

In bed

In bed, you’ll find a tummy pillow helpful if you are a side sleeper. Or sleep with it between your knees to keep strain off your back or hips.

The pocket on the Pocket Pillow is to hold an ice pack or a heated pack for your comfort against your tender abdominal incision/s. And the good news, Pocket Pillow comes with 2 cold/hot packs. We send you two so you have one to use while the other is in the freezer or being warmed in the microwave.

Read more about the Pocket Tummy Pillow here.

P.S. Our covers are handmade, so if you see a color or pattern you love, don’t wait! Once a color is gone, its not guaranteed to be back in stock.

Be kind to yourself,
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Will my hospital give me a pocket binder?

Will my hospital give me a pocket binder?

You can get the Pocket Abdominal Binder only from the Hysterectomy Store. 

This question, also, gives us a chance to tell you the history behind this special binder. The Hysterectomy Store (previously named HysterSisters Store) has sold binders almost 20 years. Back in those days we found a product we called the Belly Band – that was a band with a gel inside that was activated with water. Although it was nicely cold for tender bellies, it was also wet! And so, we determined to find a way to give women the benefit of the binder while also adding a cold pack for the benefits of cold (or warm!) against incisions and overall tender, sore tummy without the wet factor.

In developing a prototype, we actually took one of our specially designed binders – and added a pocket – sewing it on Kathy’s (founder of HysterSisters) kitchen table. Wa-la! We ended up having to redesign the shape of the 6″ binder slightly for the pocket binder – because of the added shape of the pocket with the ice pack – and it worked! Then we called the manufacturer and sent the prototype to them. “Yes,” they said. They could produce them. A few trial and errors later, we had the pocket binder in stock – and we named it the Perfect Pocket Abdominal binder – because, well, we think its perfect!

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Help for your Tummy

Recovering from a hysterectomy doesn’t have to be painful. Adding gentle compression throughout the day along with an ice pack is the way to help your tender tummy.

Check out our specially designed and handmade tummy pillow is fabulous, fun fabrics. Our tummy pillows are made with a pocket to hold an ice pack gently against your belly when you need it the most.

Read more about the Pocket Tummy Pillow for your hysterectomy recovery.

Choose your fabric and receive 2 cold packs with your tummy pillow.