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Keep it easy – Hysterectomy Prep Set

Do you like to keep things easy? So do we!

We’ve packaged customer favorites together to help you with your hysterectomy planning and recovery.

The Hysterectomy Prep Set has it all! Buy it for yourself or give it as a gift!

The Perfect Pocket Binder – ($46.95 value) provides cooling relief and support for the first stage of your recovery, and for the second stage of your recovery, just leave out the cool pack and you still have all the support your belly needs and wants. Read more about this Perfect Pocket Binder and sizing options by clicking here

Pick your binder size: Measure yourself around the incision area (this will be between your belly button and your hips).
31-36″ fits our Extra-Small/Small
35″- 50″ fits our Medium/Large
48″- 58″ fits our XL/2XL (add $4.00)

Cool Packs – Use inside your Perfect Pocket Binder or alone, against your sore belly. These handy packs are reusable medical packs. Freeze them or heat them and they stay flexible.

Quick Patient Recovery Kit – ($7.99 value) Comes with a pair of Ultra and Slim fit soft foam earplugs, a silky-smooth eye mask, and a travel pouch! Help block out those hospital noises so you can get some rest. (Repackaged to fit inside Hysterectomy Store’s packaging)

Silky Sac – ($9.50 value) Help protect your best recovery tool! This washer bag can be used during recovery to wash your binder gently, while still maintaining it’s effectiveness. Use it after to wash your delicates.

Mesh Panties – ($7.99 value) Set of two, these panties are really stretchy and light, making it perfect for the post op belly.

BONUS eBook – ($5.00 value) Receive digital download book as a resource for preparing and recovering from surgery.

** A $75.00+ value packaged together for savings for you!

Read more about the Hysterectomy Prep Set.

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Stairs? Go up backwards

Many doctors will tell you – do not use the stairs for the first few weeks of recovery.

It may be easy for some hysterectomy patients to avoid stairs. But for others, there may not be any options.

Instead, we suggest this alternative. Go up backwards.

Take your time and use the handrail. And go up, slowly, backwards.

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No Shower? No worries!

A super fan favorite of the Hysterectomy Store are the No Rinse products. We’ve grouped together 3 of the products to make it easy – and holds special value by purchasing in a set.

No Rinse Set of 3

Take a bath and do your hair all from the comfort of your bed.

Perfect for managing your personal care after your hysterectomy or any surgery that keeps you away from your shower or bath.

We consider these products to make your life easier and more convenient in those first few weeks of recovery.

But we also know that there will be days to come – even after recovery – that you will love having the No Rinse Shampoo and No Rinse Conditioner in your bathroom.

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