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Wait Until the Doctor Clears for Intimacy

You may feel ready – you may not – but after your hysterectomy you must not participate in intimate physical activities until the doctor gives you the green light.

There are internal stitches at the top of your vagina that need to heal and may get infected if anything is introduced into the healing environment.

Your doctor may have called it “Pelvic rest”.

When the doctor does clear you, consider using personal lubricant like Genneve Lubricant or Genneve Intimate Moisture.

Take time to heal.

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Help for your Tummy

Recovering from a hysterectomy doesn’t have to be painful. Adding gentle compression throughout the day along with an ice pack is the way to help your tender tummy.

Check out our specially designed and handmade tummy pillow is fabulous, fun fabrics. Our tummy pillows are made with a pocket to hold an ice pack gently against your belly when you need it the most.

Read more about the Pocket Tummy Pillow for your hysterectomy recovery.

Choose your fabric and receive 2 cold packs with your tummy pillow.


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Your Recovery Restrictions – Ask your Doc

There are things that your doctor will restrict from your activities as you recover from hysterectomy.

Do not carry your laundry.

Lift nothing heavier than a gallon of milk.

Do not push a shopping cart through Walmart.

No vacuuming. No lawn mowing.

Do not move furniture.

Protect your healing tummy!

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