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Our Best Sets for Surgery

We have several sets of surgery related products for your recovery from hysterectomy, myomectomy, c-section, tummy tuck or any abdominal surgery. You can see out sets here: Sets and Gifts

The Hysterectomy Prep Set (also for C-section, Tummy tuck) has a pocket binder, cold/hot packs, mesh panties, eye mask, ear plugs and Silky sac (for laundering your binder and panties).

The Great Binder Set (hysterectomy, c-section, tummy tuck) has a pocket binder, a regular abdominal binder, cold/hot packs, and a Silky Sac.

The Three Style Panty Pack is great after any surgery like hysterectomy, c-section, and tummy tuck and comes with mesh panties (for the first week after surgery), granny panties (for a swollen tummy) and support panties (providing support and gentle compression when you need it).

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The Wear around shirt is great after surgery

We love the Wear-Around Shirt

Yes, you heard it right! We love this Wear Around Shirt as a great lounge shirt during surgery recovery and for basic lounge wear afterwards!

  • Soft 100% cotton knit, medium weight to cover all seasons!
  • Oversized for comfort
  • Comes in several colors – blue, coral, lavender, pale pink and black
  • Based on a XXL size, one size fits up to 3X.

Does “One Size” really fit all?
Probably not. We would suggest “one size” fits most. If you are on the small end or the fluffier end of the size spectrum, this shirt may not be for you.

Here is a video that shows:

Read more about the Wear Around Shirt .

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Silky Sac Delicate Washing Bag is Recommended

During your surgery recovery, with your abdominal binders and your post-op panties, we always suggest the Silky Sac as a perfect way to care for your special recovery products in the laundry.

What makes silky sac different? Most washer bags have either an open mesh or rough yarns. Instead of ‘protecting delicate items, they act like a ‘grate and actually cause pilling and can snag loosely woven and knitted items.

We love the Silky Sac because it is a 3-dimensional bag with a zipper. Its large enough for several items at one time. It measures a large 3-D size: 13″ X 9″ X 8″.

After surgery recovery, the Silky Sac is still a great product for your panties and bras and other delicate wash items.

See the Silky Sac in this video:

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