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Great Binder set for help during hysterectomy recovery

Great Binder Set is Great!

We have made it very easy for you and combined the two best binders for your hysterectomy recovery – and the Silky Sac into a great set to save you money!

Our binders provide support directly to your tummy and back, allowing you to move with less pain and greater mobility. Compression aides to reduce recovery time. Our abdominal binders provide incision support, help prevent tearing, and make it easier to get out of bed, move and walk.

In this set you will receive one Abdominal Support Binder, one Perfect Pocket Abdominal binder with 2 cold/heat packs, and a Silky Sac to make washing a breeze.

Read more about the Great Binder Set.

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Why 3 different panties in a set?

Why do you offer 3 different panties in a set? How are these used?

You are referring to the 3 Style Panty Set that you can read about here.

As you are recovering from your hysterectomy, your needs change from week to week for underwear.

During the first week, your belly is tender and swollen and mesh panties are the best choice for comfort.

After you have healed slightly and the stitches are removed, your tummy is likely to be still swollen and tender. That’s when you will be comfy in the granny panties.

Later, as you are ready to wear “real” clothes, you will enjoy the benefit of gentle compression of our support panties to help you move around and get into your jeans!

Read more about the 3 Style panty set.

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