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how are orders shipped from hysterectomy store?

How do you ship orders from the Hysterectomy Store?

How do you ship orders from the Hysterectomy Store?

The Hysterectomy Store processes and packages orders on regular business days and are shipped according to USPS postal service calendar. For orders within the US, we typically ship using USPS priority mail which takes 2-4 days for delivery from the date we ship.  If your order qualifies for free shipping, we may opt to use a different shipping service (typically Fed Ex or U.P.S.).

International orders are shipped using International Priority so we can track your order. Note: International shipping is expensive.


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surgery for a&p repairs

Back for A&P Repairs?

I’m going back for surgery a few years after my hysterectomy. I’m having A&P repairs. Do you have products to help me during my recovery?

Your recovery from A&P repairs will likely be slightly different than your hysterectomy. We suggest buying a number mesh panties to ease over your bottom without constricting you. And to go along with your mesh panties, cold peri-packs will feel great on your fresh incisions and stitches. These Peri Cool pads are constructed of a soft, absorbent material to insure comfort and are packaged in a set of two pads.

We also suggest peri-wash spray to help you keep clean without water. Gentle on sensitive skin, this is a safe and effective perineal cleanser that moisturizes as it cleans. It is, also, alcohol-free to prevent dryness. Bonus that it contains aloe and vitamin e.


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Review of No Rinse Shampoo

Review your purchase and leave a testimonial

We love receiving feedback on the products that are specially selected and manufactured for our customers who are recovering from the challenges of surgery.  We invite you to leave a product review in the Hysterectomy Store, on the product page related to your purchase and leave a testimonial, too!


Head to the Hysterectomy Store and log in. This verifies your purchase. You can then go to the product page where you can leave a review about the item you purchased. Tell us what you liked about the product. Tell us how you used it.

Then head to the Testimonial page and leave us some (hopefully!) kind words about your shopping experience with us.

And we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Be kind to yourself,
Bluebird Sisters(tm)
Hysterectomy Store

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