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surgery for a&p repairs

Back for A&P Repairs?

I’m going back for surgery a few years after my hysterectomy. I’m having A&P repairs. Do you have products to help me during my recovery?

Your recovery from A&P repairs will likely be slightly different than your hysterectomy. We suggest buying a number mesh panties to ease over your bottom without constricting you. And to go along with your mesh panties, cold peri-packs will feel great on your fresh incisions and stitches. These Peri Cool pads are constructed of a soft, absorbent material to insure comfort and are packaged in a set of two pads.

We also suggest peri-wash spray to help you keep clean without water. Gentle on sensitive skin, this is a safe and effective perineal cleanser that moisturizes as it cleans. It is, also, alcohol-free to prevent dryness. Bonus that it contains aloe and vitamin e.


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Do you have books to help with hysterectomy recovery?

Question to the Store: Do you have books to help with hysterectomy recovery?

Indeed we do have books to help you with your hysterectomy surgery recovery.

Check out the hysterectomy surgery books we have in our books section of the store including books about fibroids, endo, preparing for surgery, recovering from hysterectomy, GYN genetics and more.

Most of our books are ebooks – that are downloadable and available immediately. They are PDF – and can be read within iBooks or simply as a PDF file.




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Our Abdominal Binder is Shaped to Fit

There is nothing worse than a binder that doesn’t hug your curves and stay in place when you need it to be gently snug on your tummy. Our Abdominal binder is designed with darts in the back to be shaped to fit – keeping it in place so it doesn’t roll down or slide around.

Why an abdominal binder for hysterectomy recovery?

Compression after a hysterectomy (laparoscopic or open abdominal surgery), myomectomy, c-section, appendectomy, hernias, tummy tuck is helpful to your recovery!

Our binders provide support directly to your tummy and back, allowing you to move with less pain and greater mobility. Compression aides to reduce recovery time. Our abdominal binders provide incision support, help prevent tearing, and make it easier to get out of bed, move and walk.

Check out our specially designed abdominal binder for your abdominal surgery recovery needs.


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