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Woman holding post-op panty for her hysterectomy recovery

The AMAZING Post-Op Panty

If you’ve had abdominal surgery, you might think you will never be able to fit back into your jeans. But there is hope!

Check out the amazing Post-op Panty!

Designed by a surgical care nurse and wound specialist, this Post Op Panty for your hysterectomy or abdominal surgery is available in three styles to meet your surgery recovery needs.

Read more about the Post-op Panty and order yours today.

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What “Must Have” products are needed?

Which of the products in your store are the most needed for hysterectomy?

There are several items that we think are necessary – or at least super helpful – as you recover from your hysterectomy.

Abdominal Binder

You will love this for the best tummy belly support. We can’t say enough good stuff about this product! This binder is great for both horizontal and vertical incisions, as well as for minimally invasive surgery. It’s tapered design allows for an even better fit. Gentle compression helps with tender and uncomfortable post-op bellies.

Pocket Binder

This pocket abdominal binder is a specially developed binder with a pocket to hold a cold/hot pack for additional pain relief and comfort for abdominal incisions during surgery recovery. If you are choosing between the regular Abdominal Binder and this one, our customers would rate this one as the best option!

Pocket Tummy Pillow

Pocket Pillow – Hysterectomy Recovery Tummy pillow with 2 cold/hot packs is used to provide gentle abdominal compression after surgery. The Cold/hot packs provide cooling affect on your tender incisions and swollen belly.

Undoubtedly, the store is full of helpful products and sets that contain these products. Browse the pages and read all the customer reviews and watch the videos. We think you will find products to help you!

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Post Op Panty – still a winner!

If you are considering this panty for your hysterectomy, think no longer. It is a best selling favorite of our customers for many, many years!

Find our how you can feel better sooner after hysterectomy with this Post Op Panty featuring medical grade compression to reduce your post-op surgery symptoms like pain, bloating, swelling and tenderness.

This Post Op Panty also lets you get back to your normal activities sooner as it provides support and compression. The support helps reduce pain and makes moving around more comfortable.

Our customers love it!

Read more about the post-op panty here. 

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