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Take Showers until your Doctor clears for baths

Until your doctor clears you for a bath, take showers and carefully protect your incisions. If you have recently had a hysterectomy, keep your incisions completely dry.  Even when your external incisions appear to be healing, it is still important to protect your incisions as you shower.

Taking a bath is restricted – so wait until your doctor releases you to sit in the bathtub, enjoy your shower with Shower Spa kit. We love this lavender fragrance.


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On Sale – Shower Spa Kit

We are running a sale that includes the favorite lavender flavored Shower Spa Set and you won’t want to miss this special price!

We know you can’t take a bath while you are recovering from your hysterectomy BUT your shower can be a special event with this kit!

Read more about this yummy shower spa kit here: Shower Spa Set.


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Shower steamers and soap set at HysterectomyStore

No bath? Make your Shower an Event

Even though you can’t take a bath after your hysterectomy and during your recovery until your doctor clears you, it can be ok if you make your shower an event with our Shower Spa Set.

We found this yummy, lavender Shower Spa Set to make your shower super wonderful and relaxing. We expect you will want to buy this Shower Spa Set for yourself or as the perfect gift for someone recovering from surgery or someone who could use a pick-me-up and encouragement.

If we could just find a way for you to smell this yummy fragrance, you would order a Shower Spa Set for yourself AND as a gift for your best friend!

Read more about this Shower Spa Set.

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