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When would I need to wear mesh panties?

When would I need to wear mesh panties?

Mesh panties are perfect to wear right after your surgery, when your incisions are painful, tender and swollen. Mesh panties are lightweight, stretchy and fit easily over your belly and stitches.

Are these mesh panties washable?

Yes. Machine wash on delicate cycle within a laundry bag like our Silky Sac or handwash. Air dry.

Can I use these mesh panties to hold my peri-pads after c-section? After hysterectomy?

Yes. These panties are perfect to hold post-surgery pads in place.

Read more about Mesh Panties.

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B-12 patches help with some symptoms during menopause

B-12 Patches for Deficiency

Have you been told by your doctor that you are B-12 deficient? We’ve found that these B-12 Patches are easy to use and have great results with many repeat customers.

Avoid the inconvenience, expense and discomfort of a B-12 injection with this B-12 patch. Apply one patch to a clean and dry area of the skin either behind your ear lobe on the neck, or on the inside of your wrist where the pulse is taken.

Can I apply more than one patch per week? The Institute of Medicine of the National Academies did not establish an upper limit (UL) for Vitamin B12 because vitamin B12 has a very low potential for toxicity.

Check with your doctor for a thumbs up!



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surgery for a&p repairs

Back for A&P Repairs?

I’m going back for surgery a few years after my hysterectomy. I’m having A&P repairs. Do you have products to help me during my recovery?

Your recovery from A&P repairs will likely be slightly different than your hysterectomy. We suggest buying a number mesh panties to ease over your bottom without constricting you. And to go along with your mesh panties, cold peri-packs will feel great on your fresh incisions and stitches. These Peri Cool pads are constructed of a soft, absorbent material to insure comfort and are packaged in a set of two pads.

We also suggest peri-wash spray to help you keep clean without water. Gentle on sensitive skin, this is a safe and effective perineal cleanser that moisturizes as it cleans. It is, also, alcohol-free to prevent dryness. Bonus that it contains aloe and vitamin e.


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