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Woman asking what to buy for upcoming hysterectomy

If I can only buy one item, what do you suggest?

Question: If I can buy only one thing to prepare for my hysterectomy, what item do you recommend to be the most helpful for surgery recovery?

Answer: Good question! We get this question frequently so we can try to help you in a way that provides you with the information to help you decide.

The top sellers in our store are these five items.

  1. Post-op Panty
  2. Abdominal Binder
  3. Pocket Tummy Pillow 
  4. Pocket Binder
  5. Cold pouch package

For women who have already had their surgery, their choices are different than if their surgery is upcoming. The purchase decision is then based on how far along in recovery you are!

First, women seem to buy the tummy pillow and one or both of the binders for early in their recovery. Secondly, the Post-op panty is the purchase our customers typically make after the first week, as they are feeling better and moving around more.

We suggest you click on the above links to read more about each of these products and how they might be helpful for your specific kind of surgery.

Be kind to yourself,
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