The Cold Pack Pouch is Amazing

In case you haven’t figured this out, using ice on your tender belly is a great idea. Icing incisions speeds healing and helps to manage pain without medications in some cases.

The cold pack pouch provides great comfort during your hysterectomy recovery. The fun, colorfully designed pouch (handmade in the USA) helps to keep the direct chill off of you, but still provide relief to your sore, swollen belly!

This cold pack pouch can be purchased by itself or with 2 cool/hot packs.

You can place one cool pack inside the pouch, and have the second one in the freezer for later use. OR use them both at the same time for added cool relief.

This can be used at anytime, not just post op hysterectomy. Keep it for other family members “owies” and “boo-boos”. Versatile for any aches and pains.

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